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Comment Re:60s and 70s (Score 1) 346

You are showing just how much of a stooge you are by comparing LSD (a chemical compound that temporarily alters neuroactivity) and Ebola (a deadly flesh eating virus). I get it, LSD is not for everyone. But to say that it causes 'flashbacks' and 'persistant hallucinations' is patently false, and this is painfully obvious to anyone who has adventured outside our mundane consciousness.

Comment Re:I used to take acid all the time (Score 1) 346

Man, those were the good old days, when acid was plentiful (the 80's). I really miss taking acid.

Clearly you are just hanging our with the wrong (or maybe right, depending on how you view it) people nowadays. Trust me when I say that its plentiful and powerful as ever. Although you have to give it up to the pioneers such as Owsley "Bear" Stanley (RIP) for expanding minds and universes. This demention shall never be the same :)

Submission + - 8 foot tall lego man invades florida beach (boingboing.net)

ynot_reprise writes: In an apparent quest to "to discover and learn about [our] world and thoughts." a nearly 8 foot tall Lego man stormed a beach in Florida. Further wishing "Let's become friends, share your story with me, take me with you on a journey through beautiful meadows, words, sounds and gestures. " I'm just glad he didn't wash up on South Beach

Comment Re:Tell them this (Score 2) 315

It's hard to put that up against a generation who has a lot of instant gratification when it comes to their experience with anything technology related.

And I had to walk uphill both ways to school... Some of you are proposing you spend 20 minutes with the kids speaking down to them from an ivory tower, using such words as "scary", "don't", "can't". If your aim is to turn off kids to computer science that is a good approach. Yes it is true, you must work hard and display patience. This should not be news to them and if they don't embrace this at some point they will not be successful at anything. So lets not pretend we are special.

You can tell them that computer science is not an elusive club. That their story does not have to include TRS-80's and main-frames and being geekier than the next. Given the time allowed and audience I'd speak on higher levels. Such as computer science is really fascinating because it is constantly evolving, as such you are constantly personally evolving. New challenges keep things fresh and create a wonderful sense of satisfaction. Tell them about what makes you successful in computer science, and be passionate and positive. I trust that if you do this both you and the students will wish you had 20 more :)

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