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Comment Re:ehh (Score 1) 672

Back in the day...? They still are. As are Audi, Lamborghini and Bentley. Which just makes you're point that much better. Comparing a VW to a Lamborghini is almost impossible ,but still made by the same big corporation.

Comment E-peen just keeps getting bigger? (Score 2, Interesting) 439

Gaming on 6 screens seems a bit ridiculous. I mean for PC gaming you're at most 5 feet away from your screen, if that. When I first upgraded to a 22" LCD monitor from my 15" I felt a bit overwhelmed. It almost made me nauseous playing games on it at first. I got used to it, but it still takes up most of my field of view at my desk. Anything over 24" just seems to be over the top.

Comment Re:They need to have somthing better then integrat (Score 3, Insightful) 132

LOL, Have you ever used Vista?
Yes, I have. Disable Aero or upgrade RAM, and the problem is solved. Compiz Fusion works fine on my dell D420 with a GMA 950/Core Duo/2 GB RAM in it, so the intel chips aren't laking in the 3D model area. Oh, if you are going to do CAD work or other visualizations then the "geared toward being portable market" isn't for you. Get a T60.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Elephants on acid tops list of wacky experiments (telegraph.co.uk)

whoever57 writes: The Telegraph discusses an article in this week's New Scientist magazine which features the newly-published book 'Elephants On Acid and Other Bizarre Experiments'. As well as the elephants (who were injected with a huge dose of LSD), the book includes other nightmarish tales such as those of a Soviet surgeon who created two-headed dogs, vomit-drinking doctors and dismembered turkeys.

Submission + - You Can Now Officially Swim at the North Pole (independent.co.uk)

ynososiduts writes: "When one thinks of the North Pole, one thinks of solid ice and Santa. Well, it is now a mix of ice and water with no place for Santa's Workshop (perhaps an obvious sign of global warming). With these recent changes, a man is attempting to swim 1 kilometer through the 28.7F or -1.8C water. He had the previous record of swimming a kilometer in 0C water off Antarctica. Apparently he has the ability to raise his body temperature before swimming to withstand the extreme cold. Something that has earned him the nickname of "The Polar Bear"."

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