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Comment Re:That can't be right (Score 0) 533

So labor participation didn't recover, wages dropped as a result. I assume that entitlement spending rose as well. Our national debt is climbing at a crazy rate. That must be Congress's fault because they are GOP, right? If the labor participation rate climbs when Trump is POTUS and there is a Democratic Congress you might suggest that the POTUS doesn't have a large impact on jobs because Congress was controlled by the Democrats.

Get over it folks. Companies have been sitting on money because they didn't know if new regulations or rules were going to wipe them out, so they saved. The stock market reacted to Trump's win in a fairly positive way because they believe that companies are going to do well. Internally, the corporation that I work at is thrilled. Our future outlook will be much better under Trump than it would have been otherwise. We're going to be dumping money into projects now.

Comment Re:sampling bias - back in my day... (Score 0) 405

Older people had it worse, back in my day we only had one setting for a bit. We only had zeros, ones were not invented until much later. Even after we actually had two setting for the bits, the bits had to flow uphill in the freezing cold on the way to and from the printing terminal, punch cards were a luxury.

My opinion, the real "work" isn't worse, it is the people that make the work harder. Mostly politics, impatient people, and lack of clear leadership.

Comment Hey I just bought future beachfront property in Ar (Score 0) 618

Okay seriously. Keep your liberal hat on for a sec.
      If someone from the GOP stated that the earth is spherical on Fox News, might you call them a liar?
      If the head of the DNC stated that the earth was a perfect cube on MSNBC or NPR, might you call them a truthful visionary facing adversity?

Sometimes it seems that our more 'enlightened' liberal people don't have an open enough mind to sit back and consider alternate opinions, or point of views.

Consider for a moment that pretty much all of our knowledge comes from observation by the single perspective of the human race. We are fallible and often what is considered fact in one decade is disproved as incorrect in the next.

Relax...just consider the possibilities of what people say. Don't hate because others are not like you, it is diversity that makes us strong and wise beyond a single person. Diversity goes way beyond race and gender, it extends through to the intellect and character of a person. Those that only consider diversity to do with gender and race are racists and sexists. :)

What the GOP is talking about in this case should be what we all want. Share your data and back it up before we as a nation do something REALLY stupid.

Don't get me wrong here, I am not advocating poisoning the environment. I actually think we should plant more plants/trees and put buildings underground. Everywhere should be a park, not a parking garage. :)

Comment Humans are ignorant. Critical thinking IS king! (Score 1, Insightful) 770

The worst mistake that we can make is believe that we humans do know it all. We observe, we learn, we draw conclusions...repeat. We need to teach critical thinking and allow our youth to draw their own conclusions and learn to challenge everything they are taught.

There are many theories on how the universe and life began. I for one have no issue being taught the top 5 theories where there are differing opinions, order the teachings randomly, but pass along who believes what and why they believe it. Allow the student to draw their own conclusions. They'll be stronger for it.

I was taught in both public and private Christian schools. I have my own beliefs that differ from others, and that is fine. Do I believe Darwin's theory? Sure I do. Do I believe in the lessons in the Bible? Sure I do. Do I believe that we humans are infallible? Nah, and that extends into both science and religion, people were involved in the interpretation, teaching, and writing of both.

Now for the binary solo. 0000001, 00000011 000000111, 00001111 0000001, 00000011 000000111, 00001111.

Comment Re:Fuck religion. (Score 0) 903

I am going to open a crap storm here, but in my opinion there is a difference between what Jesus preached and the Catholic Church. (Of course, I'm Lutheran.) That said, my beliefs should not trump or impact Catholics because I selfishly think differently than them.

I am also going to politely ask how is what is happening now any different when the Democrats went against everything Bush and GOP proposed? (It is not. It is just becoming more partisan.) Critical thinking needs to be exercised when pointing out generalities within politics. If we do not use critical thinking, then we just become mindless political drones that are unable to discern the difference between a party's values and personal values, read about Adolf Eichmann. The members of the GOP politicians are becoming more independent, which is how it should be. We should all be bothered by the old 'rank and file' approach that have been exercised in the both parties. At the end of 2013, we saw a bi-partiscian budget get through the Senate, and Democrats joined with the GOP on pushing back against the POTUS on his stance with Iran. Some progress is being made, we should be happy that maybe...just maybe our politicians might be able to reach compromise without personal attacks and demagoguery. I'd buy you a Molson and talk about it, if we were in the same city. :)

God bless.

Comment Re:Dangerous Road (Score 0) 903

1 - Birth control pills can help some women with some medical conditions that have no relation to birth control where there is no other option. I for one believe most religious organizations would not take issue with addressing medical conditions with medication. But the argument you make has no respect to the federal government affecting the beliefs and practices of some religions (that clearly you do not either understand or respect).

2 - So other methods like abstinence aren't as effective as birth control pills?

3 - The EEOC's opinion is worthless next to the U.S. Constitution, which is the case at hand. As an aside, now men have to pay more than ever, and have to pay for services that they'll never use.....thanks ACA, perhaps that is an EEOC item to be addressed? (j/k, it'll never happen)

The Congressional Branch has been wrong before....remember slavery and "separate but equal" practices?

Comment Re:Officials say? (Score 0) 644

Nowhere in the ACA is there an attempt to cut the actual cost of health care, in fact they only increased the overhead, which increases the costs.

Now that I have a few people's attention, particularity ACA supporters, understand there is a different between the cost of health care and the out of pocket costs to individuals for insurance. The ACA was an ill attempt to reduce the cost of coverage by politicians, without regard to how businesses function. By adding additional forms, additional data collection, and governance there may be some benefit many years down the road, but that will never be tied back to the ACA, so it will be considered an intangible benefit.

We are risking 85% of the previously insured to help 15% of the uninsured. I pray that the 85% don't get totally screwed over, but so far the promises aren't being displayed with the planning.

Comment Social engineering is wrong. Oh the irony. (Score 0) 381

This attempt is an example of the political science version of social engineering.

It matters not who the person being harmed is, it matters that they are needlessly harmed, just for existing with a specific genetic sequence.

It is pure discrimination. If you grant or deny someone additional opportunity based on gender or race the negatives will be long lasting
    1) You will build a weaker resource pool that will lead to weaker products, and a worse economy
    2) You will create resentment that will take generations ...etc

So facebook was created by a creep that wanted to stalk women, and now the same creep wants to effectively force men out of computer science thus adding more 'younger' women to his staff. What a creep.

This is the kind of crap that we need to protest. We are killing our society as a whole with these practices. I have two daughters and one son, I want them all to do the best they can and reap the rewards of their hard work.

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