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Submission + - Man Controls Cybernetic Hand with Thoughts (unicampus.it)

MaryBethP writes: Scientists in Italy announced Wednesday that Pierpaolo Petruzziello, a 26-year-old Italian who had lost his left forearm in a car accident, was successfully linked to an artificial limb that was neural planted in the median and ulnar nerves. He has learned to control the artificial limb with his mind. According to cnet, Petruzziello says he could feel sensations in it, as if the lost arm had grown back again.



Submission + - Google to drop Gears offline support for Mac OS? (google.com)

GraysBriefs writes: As yet unconfirmed, according to this Gears support team thread, Snow Leopard users shouldn't hold their breath waiting for Gears offline support in 64 bit Safari.


Is this another sign of the shall we say frosty relationship that seems to be developing between Apple and Google? I hope not — it seems to make sense to me that Google should try promote their offline web platform wherever possible.


Submission + - Office 2010: The Suite That Users Built? (infoworld.com)

snydeq writes: "Fatal Exception's Neil McAllister offers a first look at Office 2010 Beta, noting that, although many of the changes are subtle, every decision was informed by real-world usage data. 'Not content to leave well enough alone, the Office development team has made countless incremental improvements to existing features, always with the goal of making Office easier and more efficient to use — and I, for one, have to hand it to them. In many ways, Office 2010 is a textbook study of how to approach software upgrades for mature applications, one that should serve as an example for any software development house.' Office 2010 certainly won't be for everyone, but as McAllister sees it, Microsoft's use of anonymous, opt-in usage data, which has allowed it to tally which actions users execute in each Office application per hour, per day, has helped its developers make working with Office more grounded in real-world user experience."

Comment The Article Is Wrong? (Score 1) 1856

According to the actual survey linked from TFA, this is the actual survey question and response data (sorry for no table formatting):

13. Do you think the scientific theory of evolution is well-supported by evidence and widely accepted within the scientific community?

        Well-supported Not well-supported Don't Know
Current Total 48% 39% 13%

Evangelical Protestants 25% 63% 12%
Non-Evangelical Protestants 57% 24% 19%
Catholics 58% 33% 9%
Agnostics/Atheists 73% 18% 9%
From this information, it would appear as though 48% of Americans think evolution is BOTH well-supported AND well-accepted in the scientific community. (The question, of course, is terribly constructed because it conflates two potentially divergent beliefs.) 39% believe EITHER it's not well-supported by evidence OR it's not well-accepted in the scientific community, and it's easy to see how propaganda would make it easy to influence people on one of those two variables.

Certainly, it doesn't seem to support the proposition from TFA, that "Nearly half (48 percent) of the public rejects the scientific theory of evolution".

Is it possible MSNBC/Newsweek didn't get their facts straight? Or am I missing something?

Submission + - Google typo?

Mindwurkz writes: Is Google planning a name change in the near future? Today's home page seems to be branded "Googe"

Submission + - Open-source vs. Proprietary in the DVR Space

MrBlockHaus writes: "The age-old open source debate rages on, this time in the DVR space. TiVo has released it's next-generation unit, the Series 3. Open-source DIY options like MythTV are becoming more compelling every day. As the inevitable clash looms on the horizon, who will prevail? DVRplayground addresses this question in a head-to-head comparison of MythTV and TiVo Series3."

Submission + - Study suggests US/UK are failing children

Brian Ribbon writes: "The BBC has a report regarding a study into child welfare by international charity Unicef, which reveals that the US and UK have the lowest levels of child welfare out of 21 countries studied. The study measured child welfare using six categories; family and peer relationships, material well-being, health and safety, behaviour and risks, and children's own sense of well-being (educational and subjective).

Is it a coincidence that the countries which have the most draconian legislation disguised as measures to protect children also have the lowest level of child welfare, or is the level of paranoia and hysteria in these countries actually harming children?"

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