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Comment Re:Spoiled americans (Score 1) 402

Trips every half an hour? Not running on weekends? Have you tried having GOOD public transport, European-level? What does exist now in America is an utter crap, even in civilized states like California.

Fare increases vs gasoline and parking price increases? Not an obvious choice.

Comment Brain teasers are a thing of a past at Google (Score 1) 743

I happen to work at Google and also happen to know that "brain teasers" aren't used in the interview process for the engineers now.

Go on, apply and come. Don't be scared, interviews are quite pleasant and not confusing at all.

(Obviously, this is just me saying and not an official company statement, blah-blah-blah).

Comment Re:So what does this do different? (Score 3, Insightful) 250

Web Programming is largely a solved problem, and there are already a plethora of options.

Business programming was largely a solved problem, you could choose between COBOL and Ada.

Even if the new language isn't used widely, its features might creep into existing ones and improve them (see MS Research, Haskell and C# 3.0+).

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 413

"Huge systems with many virtual machines"? Mainframes are dead, dude. Modern "cloud" computing is all about web UI, and it doesn't need no X server.

I, myself, used remote X rendering one. Not very easy to understand and setup, that one. VNC's much more straightforward (and can reliably work over longer distances too).

Linux still wants to conquer the desktop. Note that the two leading user-oriented Unices out there (OS X/iOs and Android) have both abandoned X. Because X just limits the user experience smoothness, that's a known fact.

Comment No weird units please (Score 1) 897

Gentlemen, would you please bother to supply normal units from now on? Namely l/100 km - this weird "mpg" mumbo-jumbo says nothing to 95% of the world population.

There are three non-metric countries in the world, Myanmar (Burma), Liberia and the United States. In good company, indeed.

Comment Re:Price! (Score 1) 1162

Yep. And players are expensive too.

Compare it to significantly cheaper (and somewhat more durable) HD-DVDs. The customers have lost in that war, Sony and Hollywood won - and that victory led them to nowhere.

No wonder that Chinese resurrected HD-DVD as CBHD.

Comment Python for its indirect value (Score 1) 897

Learning Python makes a lot of sense.
It's well-designed and organized, and teaches several important lessons - importance of clarity while maintaining brevity; having a standard way to solve standard problems; smart module management; painless introduction to functional and lazy programming.

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