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Comment Re:No solution to the real problem (Score 4, Interesting) 64

Dropbox wasn't hacked in the prior attack. Also, in a successful attack now you have two different products you have to find a security exploit on. Just throwing up your hands and saying 'everything can be hacked' isn't a security methodology.

The problem is that in the Dropbox company it was fine to just make a drop box account with some password that you reuse elsewhere. That is the fundamental problem. They don't have their employees use KeePass, or 1Password or something similar and generate random passwords that they change routinely, or any of these other security practices that would have prevented this attack without the two factor authentication. Dropbox is a huge target and does not have the expertise to play in that league (evidenced by the fact that they needed outside help to figure out this attack). I think the two factor authentication is a good thing, but if they think "OK, problem solved" then it is not helping them. There is no replacement for good security practices, especially in a company with such a high profile.

Comment Re:No solution to the real problem (Score 2) 64

Someone will hack them and will export the shared secret used for RFC 6238 TOTP: Time-Based One-Time Password Algorithm. Two factor authentication job is to protect the user, It doesn't make Dropbox security practices better, and they already demostrated are bad

Although I fundamentally agree that the underlying issue is their security practices (or lack thereof), this does address the specific recent hack (of an employee of theirs reusing the same password on Dropbox as on another account with another company that was compromised), and is a good idea regardless. I wish more sites did it.

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