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Comment Re:Car Dealers should ask why they're being bypass (Score 1) 155

I'm in northern California and visited several dealers when I was going to buy my Subaru. Eventually I got a quote in the first email response from a dealer's internet sales department -- and the price was better than the price I could get haggling hard in their store. These days some things change. BTW, Eyesight is really a good reason to buy a Subaru...

Comment Re:Does it have to? (Score 1) 147

You are obviously neither a CPA nor an MBA. The general rule of thumb is that an investment must have a ROI of less that 7 years max, and ideally under 3 years. Otherwise, you are much better off making a different investment choice with 8.5 Billion dolars.

That's why they are CPAs or MBAs, not school dropouts that created MS and Apple.

Comment All-caps is standard to many official documents (Score 1) 362

Not I like to read all-caps, but it's standard to many formal/official/government documents. Birth certificate, DL, etc etc. Standard USPS address format is all-caps. Even the name on credit cards is all-caps. During loan application they often ask one to put exactly the same info on your formal documents. Oh maybe they're saying they themselves are credit worthless, which is true to some extent...

Comment Re:Simple business decision (Score 1) 101

What I said about "expand" might not be very accurate. What I meant was they want to expand into the pure-play foundry business. While Samsung's smartphone business is earning a lot, it's semiconductor wing's profit is very thin or at the brink of losing money with its huge capacity. In the meantime, the pure-play market is still in the state of greater demand than supply. Samsung Semiconductor wants that market. They stated that in their own brochure. And that's why they poached TSMC's former R&D chief. They are still far behind in the pure-play business, and it's natural they lower price in pursuit of bigger market share, as what they have done in the very beginning of their other businesses. Though I have to admit I'm just doing educated guess...

Comment Re:Pre-Science (Not To Be Confused With Prescience (Score 1) 580

Sounds not a good idea in practice. After those pre-nursing, pre-med, pre-law, you get into med school, law school, and earn a professional doctorate. Following the pre-science track, you then get a bachelor of science that gets paid 1/3 of those professional doctorate...

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