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Comment Alternative systems (Score 1) 863

In Israel (at least in Jerusalem) they used to have a really neat system (I haven't been there for a while now). You had two ways to pay:

1. Previously buy parking tickets with scratch-able time and date fields. Scratch off the date and time from a previously bought ticket. Put ticket in window. Each ticket is good for 1/2 an hour, so if you need more time, simply use more tickets.

2. Previously acquire and "charge" an electronic card/display gizmo. After parking press a button on it, this starts "eating up" time and showing that it is doing this on a the display. Place device in window.
When you get back to the car, stop timer.

I guess the device could be hacked, but it's just like any subway card with a big fat display and it knows how to eat up credit at a particular rate.

The main down-side is that there has to be a single price of parking in the municipal area. The other downside is that you have to buy these things in advance. But the ease of use are quite amazing, and with the electronic device, you do not have to guess the amount of time you need, you pay what you use.

Comment Compare them with a test (Score 2, Interesting) 385

I propose a test between encyclopedias:

Take a bunch of people and have them learn a new topic. Have half the people denied access to wikipedia (but full access to britannica.com) and vice versa with the other half. Give them 1 hour to learn about the topic

Then test them on the topic and see who is better "educated".

Possibly do it double blind so that the people who grade them are denied access to both britannica.com and wikipedia, and do not know what source of knowledge the person had.

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