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Comment Re:Lies (Score 1) 122

The interesting projects are likely to be RoR or node. I make a living doing high value interesting stuff in perl. I pulled a rare 'to 2am on friday night last night' but for the most part I get interesting work that's well paid and they leave me alone to get on with it. Sweet gig.

Comment Yes (Score 1) 314

I spent the second half of my 30s teaching myself lots of coding - Perl, R, Javascript, a bit of PHP, Ruby, Python, Linux admin stuff. I did bits and pieces of contract work during that time, but nothing too serious. Age 39 one of my open source buddies asked me to help him on a contracting project, so I've been ongoing subcontracting for him for the last three years on what's become quite a successful product.

Comment Legal torrent please. (Score 1) 1004

Hello, Australian "Consumer" here. Never had cable tv. Previously a light user of the video rental channel. Use the BBC ABC, SBS and NPR (state broadcaster's internet streaming facilities). Now I tell you want. Find me something I'm really interested in. Charge me $5 per torrent to get my hands on a convenent, fast, legal download (and give me a choice of file size - say 250mb to 1.5gb per hour of broadcast) and I'm in. While you're there, don't stuff me around with DRM bullshit.

Comment No chance (Score 1) 221

As others have said, you can not get accurate speech recognition for multiple speakers. Even for the best of breed closed source software (Dragon) you also need to have good control over microphone quality and placement, and the technique in this instance is to shadow the speakers (put them on headphones and speak into the microphone). transcript.el will remove some of the pain points for transcribing for you if you're happy using emacs. It works out as cost/time effective - I reckon it takes transcription time from 5-8x the length of the recording to something like 2-3x the length, but at this point in time you're not going to find a satisfactory open source solution to machine transcription, either shadowed, or from live tapes.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 303

There are a couple of products in this niche - one in the Panasonic Toughbook range, and one from a company called Motion Computing (a startup from ex-apple staff). The Motion device is the better product, but they're both pretty similar.

But both of them are keyboardless devices running Windows XP Tablet edition, and frankly that sucks - a multitouch integrated UI specifically designed for keyboardless environments (not just bolted on like windows tablet) is really needed to make these things work proprly. I had wireless reliability issues (suspend resume problem) on the Toughbook I tested.

So yeah, I reckon a mooted Apple tablet with a ruggedised case (with a built in handle - this is important) may well be the way to go with this for now.

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