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Comment Re:Soviet tradtions (Score 1) 164

If you want to fight for the establishment of a dictatorship of the proletariat, you should understand that revolutions eat their own, and you will not be safe [] no matter which party faction you are in.

There is no other way, Trotsky, a psychopath with ambitions unmatched with Soviet potential, was "eaten" by a pragmatist in the face of Stalin. Same thing happened after French revolution. Revolutions don't eat their own, revolutionaries with destructive tendencies are discarded by constructive elements.

Do not confuse the label of propaganda as necessarily being the same as untrue.

Any decent propaganda is factual truth presented in suitable context of choice.

Comment Re:Soviet tradtions (Score 1) 164

So you're saying that the US government intentionally released the HIV virus into the wild? That's quite an assertion.

Yeah, that's quite an assertion, because that is your straw-man and not what I'm saying. The Washington Post article is propaganda because it uses something true to create a false story to rally against USSR. There are a ton of off-the-wall opinion ed columns published in all newspapers, doesn't mean anything. Unless you make a bunch of scary questions about your straw-man for the rest of your post.

Comment KGB, in 2012? (Score 3) 164

Seriously? It's been more than 20 years, how long does it take for you Americans to move on from your Cold War Hollywood production induced knowledge base of the world? Next, you'll find out that CIA spends millions on recruitment and *gasp* pro-WhiteHouse astroturfing propaganda in order to stifle and undermine political dissent.

Comment Re:PHP - python (Score 1) 622

I understand how you feel right now, I was in the same spot some years ago. What you are used to, is that your file system tree is your navigational tree. Yes, you can keep doing that, having your web server execute various .py files in your filesystem, and import your common modules. However, the reason this is not common in python, is because it's actually not the optimal way to have your address/navigation work. There is no reason your code files need to be arranged according to your navigation. What is standard in python, is what Drupal and almost all php CMSs do, that is, you have a single application, and it parses and handles the URI as it pleases. What I would recommend, is start with this: it is very easy to install. If you have a complicated app, you should try Django framework. Another thing about python, you are not expected to be writing your website from scratch, as you'd be recreating a lot of crud written many times over already.

Comment Re:I am a PHP user (Score 1) 622

He didn't miss your point, you missed his. Do you have a CS degree? A mathematics degree? Do you know exactly why you need to change oil when they tell you to, and does it make you mad if a mechanic doesn't want to explain why? This is why we have Computer Science, it is smart people figuring out what you should do, so you don't have to. If you really want to understand all the reasons why you should use 'continue 2', you need to find a CS professor, and pay for a class.

Comment Re:Your right to what? (Score 0) 328

Yes, it was used to communicate .torrent files. Why does it matter what is the content of communication is? Should a private ferry be afraid of being subpoenaed because drug traffickers use them? Should the government not make roads because criminals use them? Are you for SOPA by any chance? Obviously the point of the message is that the internet or isolated websites are not responsible for what they are "used" for, or how much.

Comment Re:PostgreSQL with PostGIS (Score 5, Interesting) 316

PostGIS and other GIS software probably benefits from OSS collaboration more than other traditional software categories, because they are part of a scientific collaboration. This means there are packages like Mapnik, GeoServer, GeoNode, etc, etc, that are build to work together in an ecosystem. And this ecosystem is larger than any closed system by it's nature. So, nothing can really compete with OSS GIS stack, and especially in the long term, and nothing really is meant to compete with PostGIS, just compliment it in the OSS world :)

Comment PostGIS + GeoDjango, no contest (Score 1) 316

These are obvious choices without better alternative even in the commercial world. All ESRI products, or other products included. ESRI doesn't advertise it, but they are also using GDAL and other open GIS standards.
I have 10 years of Web, and 5 of GIS experience, and doing consulting now. Let me know if you're interested, and we can have a private conversation.

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