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Comment Telling a story without saying one word (Score 4, Interesting) 87

This game is telling a story without saying one word. It's a game about us, human beings, having to adapt to this hostile world that we don't really understand. It's about trying to control it, to forge it in a way that makes life is easier. It's about making a shelter for the night, about finding food and ultimately cultivating land (because it's much more practical). It's also about resources and ways of getting them. It's about making tools and weapons, about curiosity and exploration. Minecraft is really about the history of the human race, and it is told without a single line of dialog. To me anyway, this game is a piece of art.

Comment Re:Ugh.. (Score 1) 307

Ever heard of Godwin's law? :) Dude, chill out. The Bloq has no intention of running the canadian goverment. They're just there to defend Quebec's opinions at the federal level. You might disagree with their separatist view, but that's just the reality of living in a free country.

Big Media Wants More Piracy Busting From Google 186

suraj.sun writes "Last month, executives from two music-industry trade groups, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), asked Google if it could provide a means to help them track down pirated material more efficiently. Typically, copyright owners are responsible for finding pirated links and alerting Google, which is required by law to quickly remove the links. But Google's response raised eyebrows at some of the labels. James Pond, a Google manager, wrote in a letter dated September 20, that Google would be happy to help — for a price."

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 190

> greyish-brown FPS Oh god, please make them stop! I think I'm beginning to be allergic to brown and grey. Why can't I have a clear blue sky once in a while? Having the impression that your eyes are hurting because of all the beautiful light? Why does it always have to be a post apocalypse murky boring world? Even the daytime scenes in Alan Wake where never truly bright and sunny, a fact I can't get my head around. I don't think it would have ruin the atmosphere, quite the contrary: when you have a beautiful, normal setting, it can actually be more troubling because everything *looks* normal, but you know so well that it isn't. Half Life 2 really nailed it, IMO.

Comment Re:Science or Religion? (Score 1) 1136

I'm not a firm 'believer' nor a strong 'denier'. From what I understand, it's the (average?) temperature of the whole earth that is rising. So that mean that it could affect this stream of warm water, or perhaps divert some dominant winds. Basically, that mean that we are supposed to see a reshuffling of weather systems, witch could very well explain why you guys in the US and Europe have more snow, while we in montreal don't get shit this winter. Our summer are also starting to looks similar to those of the UK (rainy and boooooring).

That being said, I'm not sure why everybody is making such a deal with all this. I mean, isn't it a great thing that we try to reduce the amount of crap we output everywhere? We all know that we breath, eat and drink all that crap as well. So really, this ol climate change debate is almost meaningless to me.

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