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User Journal

Journal Journal: Scheisendregg!

Dumb me just spilled half a bottle of beer over his desk. Keyboard, mouse, everything completly soaked. Everything survived, although it stinks like a brewery on my desk. Doh!

User Journal

Journal Journal: last day in Duesseldorf

Yeah baby, tommorow i will leave for Bavaria, stay there for a couple of days and leave to Slovakia and the annual Linuxbierwanderung on saturday.
No more journal entries. Maybe i post some pictures from the LBW :)
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Journal Journal: vacation

Whohooo! My second day of vacation. Yesterday: preparing car for the trip to Slovakia (check brakes, change oil and -filter, remove some rust, paint a bit and stuff) and: pubcrawl in the Altstadt of Duesseldorf.
Today: Hangover, Formula 1. Now: writing in journal. Soon: Invite wife for some icecream.
Still bloody warm in Duesseldorf. They annouced 42C for tuesday.
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Journal Journal: phone == bad

I finally made it to work. I should have clipped the phone line, a telephone conference that early in the morning really sucks.
  • Shut down cellphone
  • redirect all corporate email to /dev/null
  • clean desk
  • hide all open trouble-tickets under my neighbors desk
  • get drunk
User Journal

Journal Journal: almost!

Well. Slept to long. Still haven't had a shower. Should go and get clean. Should go tot work. Last day. WHOOHOOO!

Have to do lot's of adminitrative stuff today. Well, i won't die from it. Ready, set, go.

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Journal Journal: *yawn*

Duuuuude, what a crappy day. Crappy weather, crappy todo-list for today and still three days to work. And i still have to debug that shell-script...

User Journal

Journal Journal: boring day

Hm. Got my last Hepatitis vaccination yesterday. Then i went out for beer. Got back very early, 9pm, but was quite pissed :)

Today i'm bored. I still stick to some trouble-tickets, try to get a grip on the problem. Should go out for coffee and come back to work later. Hm. Coffee at Starbuck's or Woyton.

Let's see.

User Journal

Journal Journal: last week of work

Ha! It's monday and the last day of five until my vacation starts. Next friday i'm going to Slovakia to attend the annual Linuxbierwanderung. Can't wait until then, i really would like to start drinking now ;) But i'm on call for the whole week, so no drinking :(

User Journal

Journal Journal: hung over

Just came back from that accouting- and "let's solve problems"-course. I have no clue why i was send there - i would rather prefer a real course like some advanced Solaris course or, heck, even a Cisco Certification (did i really sunk that deep?;)

The good thing was, the beer was sponsored - and i had plenty of them.

Dude, i really need holiday. Just 5 more days of work and the rest of today and i'm on holiday.

User Journal

Journal Journal: the joy of big enterprises

Oh joy! I just wanted to check where i can order some 8mm 20GB Mammoth tape-cardridges in my big big company. It took me almost two hours until i got the phonenumber of some salescritter. Funny enough, his office is almost next to mine.

Tommorow i will leave for a course to some very remote place - hope i get a decent wireless internet-connection with HSCSD...

User Journal

Journal Journal: i'm doomed

Expenses again. After checking every little bit of my expense- and salary-sheet i found out that *i* actually owe money to my company. Oh dear. I hate it. FNORD!

User Journal

Journal Journal: sheets and stuff

I'm still struggeling through all my expense- and salary sheets on a search for the missing 290,- Euros my company still owes me. Funny thing: i found out that they owe me another 120 Euros. Surprise, surprise. Will pay the HR-dept a short visit.

Ah, did i mention that i hate SCO?

User Journal

Journal Journal: hooray!

Bought a new 40cm ventilator for 32 Euros. That one really kicks ass! Happy sweating :)

User Journal

Journal Journal: screw you, HR dept!

Had a fight with the people who sign my expense-sheets. I'm waiting for more than 300 Euros since the end of May. They claim they 'may have' allready transfered the money to my account, but they didn't. When i asked them to proof it they said that they're not able to check if they allready did it or not. Q.E.D.


Have to buy a bigger fan today. It's still too damn warm. No thunderstorm in sight. Weather-people are all liars.

User Journal

Journal Journal: bloody warm

Bloody warm today. They announced heavy rain and thunderstorms, but still no cloud in sight. 35C makes my brain melt. $WIFE wants me to buy water, i'm too lazy to get out of the house. :wq!

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