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Comment Re: Government vs terrorists (Score 1) 395

The government protects its citizens by the republican notion of "you elect us so we run the government for you, so don't ask us questions. We know how to manage the country better than you." I'm sorry, but the US in a republic and you can't do anything about it. That's how its designed to work. You aren't supposed to know everything to protect you from others and from yourselves. And an FYI to the original writer, Snowden is not an "officer." He's a lowly enlisted soldier.

Comment An insult to our troops (Score 2) 572

"When quizzed by other Twitter users about people with no internet connection, he suggested that they should get one, as it is 'awesome.'" Yeah so why don't you try telling me that back in 2008-2009 when I was in Afghanistan for 15 months straight working 16 hour days with no internet access, no alcohol, and no sex. What do you think we did to unwind? We played console games and games like CIV4 with no internet connection. And I f-ing dare you to say, "our Soldiers shouldn't be playing video games over there." You try working 16 hour days for a year and a half straight without playing video games. Let me know how fast you run off the base and shoot an entire civilian family for no reason. And let me know how that PTSD works out for you too.

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