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Comment cell phones and microwaves (Score 0) 337

Interesting this should come up. One of my professors today went into depth about cell phones. From what he said, Microwave ovens heat up food by sending waves with a very specific frequency. This frequency which supposedly has to be right around 2.43GHz excites the hydrogen particles in a water molecule, creating heat, and warming up the food. He went on to say that modern day phones, and cell phones just so happen to use the same frequency of 2.4GHz to trasmit. So one would question the use of cell phones, since the frequency is the same. Cell phones, according to this professor use around 25 milli(?)-amps of current on average, so the effects are not really seen. However, this current can fluxuate. I was told atop a ski-lift , or near a cell phone tower the current can drastically increase, to around 700 mA. What I am getting at, is that from what I've been told, cell-phones can produce the same affect as microwaves, and really mess with the water in your brain, and supposedly cause cancer. People thus far have said, they don't buy the article and the sort, because the two cell phones aren't talking to eachother directly. It seems to me elevation is of more importance than whether or not the two cell phones are communicating directly. My guess is that the second cell phone is just to up the total amount of waves emitted per an area. Yeah, ramblings, quas-organized thought. Just ideas relayed from a teacher.

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