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Comment Re:Before the arguments start? (Score 1) 517

The defense actually has to submit a summary of the defense strategy they want to use in the pre-trial stage. It saves a lot of time if the judge is not going to allow the defense in the end. If the defense isn't able to convince the judge in the summary they won't be able to convince the judge at trial and the jury will not be allowed to clear the defendant based on that defense even if they agree with it.

Comment Re:Unethical, but not illegal (Score 1) 203

Borders should be defined strictly. If they are not, the law is faulty and needs to be fixed.

That is precisely what happens when a Judge hands down a decision on a border case. That judgment becomes a precedent which is as good as law in a courtroom unless the previous judgment is overturned. There are too many possible border cases, consider V&T laws, custody battles,corporate fraud, etc...; situations where the human element introduces a mind boggling number of variables. Lawmaker cannot possibly define a law that covers every contingency. That is the Judges job.

Comment Re:Attention all personnel (Score 2, Informative) 530

VB.NET and C#.NET produce identical code once compiled. That may not be a good thing in and of itself but I use VB.NET for small modules myself when getting it done fast is more important than clean, compact code (one time use scripts, reports, etc). Whoever did this is clearly an amateur, but not because they use VB.

The Secret Origins of Microsoft Office's Clippy 263

Harry writes "Most folks think that Microsoft Office's Clippy, Microsoft Bob, and Windows XP's Search Assistant dog were perverse jokes — but a dozen years' worth of patent filings shows that Microsoft took the concept of animated software 'helpers' really, really seriously, even long after everyone else realized it was a bad idea. And the drawings those patents contain are weirdly fascinating." The article, a slide show really, spreads over 15 pages.
Internet Explorer

IE Market Share Drops Below 70% 640

Mike writes "Microsoft's market share in the browser dropped below 70% for the first time in eight years, while Mozilla broke the 20% barrier for the first time in its history. It's too early to tell for sure, but if Net Applications' numbers are correct, then Microsoft's Internet Explorer will end 2008 with a historic market share loss in a software segment Microsoft believes is key to its business."

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