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Comment Re:Booting via the internet? I have three words... (Score 1) 156

And two more... SaskTel Max. The provincial (Saskatchewan, Canada) Telco offers a TV service that I used for about a year. I dropped it because their cable boxes netbooted. So every time the box froze, it would take 8 - 15 minutes to reload the image. The other guy's box stores the OS locally, reboot time is about 15 seconds. Oh, and Ewwwww!

Comment Re:Hopefully (Score 1) 747

Thank you. I wish I had Mod Points. Also, scientific consensus used to be that the world was flat. Those who questioned that suffered significant consequences. Now we look back and laugh at those who thought the world was flat. How will this science be judged 400 years from now?

Comment Re:why mastercard? (Score 1) 715

Except that if they decline to do business with Wikileaks because of this type of action, they are in for it as well. All Wikileaks does is say Company X declined to handle our payment processing. Soon, the DDoS targets them. You are correct that it is a no win situation for the processing company. The only way around it is to not randomly discriminate against any one customer. Just process payments and no one gets hurt.

Building a $200 Linux PC 300

WesternActor writes "Computers are getting cheaper to buy every year, but there are still sometimes advantages to building them yourself. ExtremeTech has a story about how they sought out the parts for a $200 computer that (of course) runs Linux as a way of breaking the budget barrier. They even test it against a commercially available eMachines nettop to see how it compares in terms of performance. This probably isn't something everyone will want to do, but it's an interesting example of something you can do on the cheap if you put your mind to it."

Comment Re:Simple? (Score 1) 763

Or just get the existing locks re-keyed to be the same key. When I bought my house I was given 4 keys for the 4 doors with locks on them. I took the locks off (while my wife stayed home) and took them to the local locksmith. An hour later we had one key for all the locks. Total cost, $35.00.

Comment Global Internet (Score 1) 355

While moves like this will definately have a huge impact on the US Internet, in many ways the rest of the world is unaffected. I live in Canada and have no way of accessing ESPN360 content. While I have no desire to access their content, I'm sure there are others up here who would like to. They are cutting themselves off from the rest of the world.

This may be a sign of the way things go. In the future, there may be a US Internet, and an Internet for the rest of the world. I just hope Canada doesn't follow the lead of the US, the way we normally do.

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