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Comment False flag / deflection / etc (Score 0) 693

First of all, whoever proved the head of the DNC was corrupt did the world a favor.

Second, I also have a VPN service that has a Russian server that I use to browse the internet with anonymity. I figure if Snowden survives there then I should be fine to browse the web with some degree of NSA protection.

  This correlation is nonsense, more propaganda from the DNC to try to control the masses via emotion and without logic.

Comment I work in the energy sector (Score 1) 712

It takes around 9 billion to build a replacement Nuke for a Coal plant. Solar, yeah right -- no base load on solar! There are hundreds of coal plants. Even if you switched to natural gas it would cost around 1-2 billion apiece! 50 BILLION is enough to fund the closing of maybe 5% of the coal plants in the country without human factors.


Comment Re:Cheap architecture + short cuts = DOOM (Score 5, Interesting) 250

I'm sure it all looked great, until this happened, then they get 200% more wise.

Seems everywhere I go these cheap systems are in place and the malware may already be chugging along for years without detection.

I worked for a MAJOR retailer that was involved with a credit card crisis. The only reason the registers didn't get raped was the fact they ran linux. The actual POS servers ran Windows 2000 so that is what got cracked. Management was working hard to get away from these solid state linux computers for the "cost savings" in administration of the Windows platform. I can tell you that a multipurpose platform is not appropriate for a specialized task.

Comment Haters Gonna Hate (Score 1) 172

Windows 8 looks cool to me. Decreased memory footprint, UI options.... Microsoft Surface. Not sure what you guys are complaining about. Microsoft is offering Windows 7 users an upgrade for $15!!!!!!!!!! I don't recall Apples last Major OS Revision being free.

I understand people here hate Microsoft, but the hate for Windows 8 on this forum is just over the top. It's an OS, it runs software, the price is good for Windows 7 users. If you run XP then you got the 10 years out of your license key.


Comment The first step... (Score 1) 230

Really the first step it to just buy a cellphone company and build out the 4g and use that. Google could buy a lame wireless company like Sprint and totally use the spectrum for good. A quick cash infusion for a low end wireless provider could result in a major tower build out that would beat verizon.

Fiber is SOOOO expensive, I don't see how build a terrestrial fiber network could ever have the impact of wireless anchored by fiber (as far as reaching customers.)

Comment Re:Correct (Score 1) 328

In a PWR the rods are held out by electric magnets. When the system loses power the rods drop. When the rods drop and pressure begins to rise the RPS and the ATWS system will engage to start EFIC (emergency feed water). This is for a 30 year old B&W Plants like Oconee or Crystal River.

The RPS(reactor protection system) system has multiple trains, so there are literally 2 backups for each backup.

An AP1000 plant has modernized versions of this.


Comment Re:Insane (Score 1) 215

3) There's no way radiation levels can be large enough to cause significant irradiation in several minutes. Absolutely none at all - primary cooling water is radioactive, but not that much (it's continuously monitored).

This is mostly true. Spent fuel pools can be pretty hot near new and old fuel. Also, the resin in demineralizers can be very raidioactive.

Comment Re:Well, (Score 3, Informative) 215

Most metals become brittle when irradiated.

Someone will be along with more details then I can recall offhand.

I would just design the plant to run with brittle metals from day one. Nothing that can't be solved with thicker walls (in many cases anyhow).

Modern reactors use a neutron shield that goes with the fuel basket. It can be replaced and greatly decreases vessel embrittlement by becoming the sacrificial element to first absorb/slow the errant neutrons.

The problem is with shutdown and startup. This needs to be done with control as things become harder and have less flex.

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