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Comment Re:What do you get combining Apple + gaming compan (Score 1) 151

Not only that but owning EA means they get all of those lucrative exclusive sports titles with it, I can see them possibly using this as leverage against Microsoft's XBox360, Since OS X, Linux, Windows, PS3 and Wii all support openGL and openal as well as other open programing standards apple could easily release across everything but the 360, putting a major dent in microsoft's plans.

Comment Re:Interesting spin (Score 1) 117

Last I checked the whole thing. Wolfenstein 3d was the great grand pappy of all FPS games, they did a reimagining of the series with return to castle wolfenstein, to which enemy territory was to be an expansion. it didn't do as well as expected so the enemy territiry expansion was just released as freeware for online play only, no single player storyline mode. The original Castle Wolfenstein was a 2d game for the Apple IIe.

Comment Re:Interesting spin (Score 1) 117

yeah, but this is basically a tricked out Quake 3 Arena, a game that has had native Mac and Linux ports forever. What you also have to remember is that ID only has like what, 50 people total in the company, and most of those are devoted to making Doom 4, not to this grand little experiment of selling ads in souped up browser games. They've already stated that if it catches on they'll be doing Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. What sucks is that this method gets too powerful it may be the only way to play any future releases online.

Why TV Lost 576

theodp writes "Over the past 20 years, there's been much speculation about what the convergence of computers and TV would ultimately look like. Paul Graham says that we now know the answer: computers. 'Convergence' is turning out to essentially be 'replacement.' Why did TV lose? Graham identifies four forces: 1. The Internet's open platform fosters innovation at hacker speeds instead of big company speeds. 2. Moore's Law worked its magic on Internet bandwidth. 3. Piracy taught a new generation of users it's more convenient to watch shows on a computer screen. 4. Social applications made everybody from grandmas to 14-year-old girls want computers — in a three-word-nutshell, Facebook killed TV."

Comment Re:The problem with Core i7 (Score 1) 234

Something with South bridge 750, so ether a 790GX or one of the newer 790FX/SB750 mobos, the earlier models had SB600, and don't overclock as well and lack a few features that SB750 added like Advanced Clock Control. I'm personally looking at this Asus http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131339 , though the DFI 790FX/SB750 also looks good. The Gigabyte DS4 seems to have mixed results though, while AMD used it for their demos to get the Phenom 2 to 6.2Ghz on LN2 others have had trouble with it in over volting stability, Which is kind of important since if I remember right AMD said that the Phenom 2 is rated safe to overvolt by them up to 1.55v. Most of the overclocking forums are already geared up in anticipation, if you plan on clocking it, take a look http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=591256 Here's to hoping I can afford to build out an all new box for Phenom 2 4-4.5Ghz on water, 8Gb of DDR2 1066 or better and an HD4870 1Gb, maybe one of those nice new XFX made black PCB ones, and see if I can get that up to 860Mhz Core/4.8Ghz ram on the water as well. Hello HD video editing, gaming and running 6 OSs in VMware at the same time without slowdowns.

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