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Comment Re:Change the name! (Score 1) 108

It comes down to inattentive driving. All these quote/unquote safety features are making the driver feel like then need to pay less attention. The automatic braking for collision avoidance, rear backup cameras, the sonar/beeping when backing up, or the out of lane warning - these while intended to make things safer (intended), but they also make people feel like they can pay less attention because there is an alarm that will let me know when something is amiss (unintended).

I've even noticed with myself, that after driving my wife's vehicle with these feature, I need to really be more actively aware to remember those features are not there when I'm driving my older vehicle - they do lull you into a false sense of security. People are putting far too much faith in technology and not focusing on what they should be doing, which is driving.

Comment Re:When I don't want to change my phone (Score 1) 191

I don't change my phone.

How true...I'm still on my Blackberry Q10, and before that, was on a Palm Treo, and before that, Samsung N400 and that's my life history of my cell phone usage. Of course I'm leaving out employment provided/on-call cell phones.

This whole planned obsolesce marketing strategy is becoming overkill when it comes to cell phones, especially with the frequency of new models being upgraded. I find it completely fascinating how the "sheep" fall into line with this marketing ploy.

I have been saying for years, that I don't want a phone that won't allow me to have a user replaceable battery and/or memory card. I would also say the same about the charger, but over the past several years, it has become less of a hassle as most manufacturers they have started to use standardized USB type connections.

So like the original post, no need to upgrade until *I* need to upgrade. And my upgrade schedule doesn't even come close to the marketing's recommended upgrade schedule.

Comment Re:BB10 (Score 1) 74

I agree with you there, I'm on a Q10 and absolutely love it. They really did well with the Q10 keyboard. I didn't really like the feel of the Priv, but it was usable. My biggest issue most modern phones is the damn touch screen. Half the time the touch doesn't respond as it should, or it responds with the wrong key response. There is something to be said for the good, tactile response keyboard. I will miss that BB OS 10 when I eventually need to upgrade.

Comment Re:Sad news indeed (Score 1) 61

I agree with that. I find it nice that I don't need to get into bed with google or apple - On a BB Q10 and absolutely love it, incuding the OS (although I do dislike the light color scheme that Chen decided to go to. This was one of my fears when I heard they were bringing out an Android device is that the QNX/BB10OS would be left behind. *sigh*

Comment Re:I do it wrong (Score 1) 240

Grade 9 for me in the early '80s, and while I can appreciate it, it was the worst mistake of a class that I ever took. I was already using an Apple ][+ for years, and I had my own touch typing style, was up easily to 100+ wpm. Enter typing class, and Biffffzat, now I'm lucky if I can get back to 50 or 60 wpm, even all these years later. I wish it was as easy as Yoda said, "You must unlearn what you've learned." As for the 6 key question? What ever hand is closer to it.

Comment Re:"Do more with less" (Score 1) 405

I think we are seeing the effects of the expected long hours - that 60-80 work week being a badge of honor; the effects of the dependency on IT services, without the budget/forethought to provide the needed staff/support and maintenance; the get it deployed and fix it later attitude; deliverables forcing the never having the time to do it right, but always time to do it again; unrealistic project management and project goals/deliverables; threat of outsourcing/off-shoring; corporate treating staff as resources rather than as people; etc., etc., etc.

It doesn't surprise me to tell the truth. One of the reasons that I got out of I.T. (although, no one truly never really leaves I.T.)

Comment Re:Blackberry. (Score 1) 484

I refuse to go with Apple, because I don't want a phone that I can't put a memory card in, or change a battery in. I refuse to go with Android because I don't want to get into bed with google and every time there is an Android update, it seems that some of your security settings are over written or everything is transferred to/from google. And most of all, I completely despise touch screen keyboards. 75% of the time when I used my wife's iphone (and past android device) that damn touchscreen/keyboard would never work or respond to my touch/gestures (I'm talking not working/responding, not just fat-fingering an entry) - hence the love for a physical tactile keyboard.

My Blackberry Q10 solves virtually all of that, though occasionally (rarely) I do run into the touchscreen issue. I cant replace the battery, I can upgrade the memory card as needed, I can drop in a new SIM (the Q10 from Verizon is unlocked to begin with) card with no issues. The only real potential problem could be the lack of app support - but honestly, I have never found this to be an issue or a significant concern.

I went from an old Samsung N400 half-flip phone, to a Palm Pilot Treo, and held on to that for almost 6 years, before I went to the BB Q10. I don't have a single regret with that decision - my daughter in laws, son in law, sister/brother in laws all with iPhones, Droids, and Windows phones always seems to have issues (battery life, connectivity, etc.) where my Q10 ends up being the go to phone for when those issues occur. Simply it just works and the year and a half I've had it, I've only needed to do reboot once. Put my vote in for BB for best stability.


Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 516

I guess I come from the Word*Star days where keyboard shortcuts were king. I still use many of them and odds are I have no idea where they would be located in the ribbon menu. It's much like GUI interfaces - they do work, but there are times I still end up going to the command line to get things done, and when I need to, I have that option. I suppose more annoying is the option was removed - classic interface vs ribbon interface. You know, pick one, or even switch between either would make things much easier and be less annoying - and the coding required would be relative minor. That is something I just don't understand why an option like that isn't included.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2, Insightful) 516

I couldn't agree more (and I will likely be call an 0ld-Ph@r7 and a progress Luddite that hates change). How long has it been since they started with this "ribbon" crap (2006? 2007?) and still to this day I long for the old simple, intuitive, efficient, File, Edit, etc., menu. What has it been? 8 years now? I think that is plenty of time to "get used to the ribbon" like I was told when it started. Like you said, it still creates aggravation with no upside.

I have no problem with change.... It's just: If it ain't broke, don't fix it > change for the sake of change

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