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Comment funny story (Score 1) 103

Funny story, back when I as a young-mid teen, I made a simple little phishing site aimed at habbo. Made accounts, told people to visit it. Filled rooms with furniture, used the acquired accounts to tell all their friends... I'm sure I could've worked out how much it was all worth, but who's stupid enough to spend money on virtual furniture anyway?

Comment Re:Fishing(yes "f"ishing) for ideas... (Score 2, Insightful) 394

WPA2 with a well-chosen password (ie, not vulnerable to a dictionary attack) is more than trivial to break and so probably not worth it just for 'cred'. If someone has to get into a network like that, they're probably going to be up to something. And if someone breaks in just for cred anyway, they're not going to do any damage. So I guess you could say the *only* people that matter are people who intend to do something malicious/illegal, not the ones just looking for a challenge.

Comment Re:Let's face it (Score 1) 342

While market share might be a factor (infact almost definitely IS a factor) in the security of Windows vs OS X/Linux, IE vs Firefox, etc, it's more likely the architecture.

The architecture of Unix systems (running as root, user permissions, etc) makes/made it very hard for malware to be written for it. At least, to cause any significant damage.

Though in the case of Firefox vs IE, I'm not so sure. I know little about either browser's architecture. But it might not be just market share that's the reason for the huge number of sploits for IE as opposed to firefox.

Comment Re:VERY slow response (Score 0) 577

However, if you did it, you'd be able to do it privately, without all the beaurocracy that the police would likely have to go through. I bet getting an arrest warrant takes a few days. Mere speculation, though. I don't really know anything about police protocol.
but they'd have to:
1) establish that it's a threat
2) do the actual tracking down
3) get a warrant for his arrest
4) ???????????? 5) PROFIT erm, I mean LOOKING LIKE FOOLS

Comment Re:Doing to movies what Microsoft did to Programmi (Score 0) 404

It could still have a good market though. Remember those books you used to be able to get, where you could put your kid's name in it? Now imagine taking a 3D scan of your face, and putting it in your favourite $this_technologys_name-ready film. It might detract from the craftmanship, but the entertainment factor would be increased (if only for the gimmick of it). I'm sure 'real' cinema will coexist though. People still paying to see live action cinema where only the special effects are CGI. After all, theatre still exists.

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