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Comment Possibly alongside Eneregous? (Score 1) 133

Energeous (NASDAQ: WATT) has been working on some innovative wireless charging tech for a few years. What's cool about them is that they IPO'd to raise funds (effectively) so there's a lot of behind-the-scenes info you can glean from their SEC filings that you normally don't see with a small startup.

They've been working with a Tier 1 provider for a while. They haven't disclosed who. But they're based down the road from Cupertino...

The stock already jumped Friday on this news, but it's still trading below its moving average.

Comment Re:I upgraded to a Unicomp. (Score 1) 304

Thanks, I'll check out the Unicomp next time I'm in the mood to change my typing setup. The Extended II I got has the cream alps keys, so they're dampened but seems to have no deterioration (not surprising since it's new).

I like the Logitech K760:

It's solar powered and always at 100% battery capacity for me. It also has 3 Bluetooth receivers, so I can switch between my laptop, desktop, and iPhone with a single key press.

Comment Apple Extended II For Life (Score 1) 304

I just bought one of these, brand new + sealed and everything. It's at least 15-20 years old and obviously works flawlessly with a USB-ADB adapter (Griffin iMate).

I always loved this keyboard when I was in middle school & high school and some Macs in the lab had them. The Apple Design keyboard that followed sucked, as did every Apple keyboard afterwards until they moved to the low-profile scissor switches.

I thought that the Extended II would boost my already fast typing speed (100+ WPM) but it hasn't—the extra throw of the switches (almost 3x that of my MacBook Pro) negates any benefits the nicer feedback is otherwise providing. It's better than the Matias TactilePro I had a few years ago (cheaper build quality than Apple's, and louder switches even though they're supposed to be the same).

I'm enjoying this Extended II and feel it was worth the $120 it cost me on eBay (cheaper than it was new when it came out!) but I do think the cult of mechanical keyboard junkies will eventually disappear as those people literally die out (or their keyboards, I suppose). Unless you grew up on a mechanical keyboard, I don't think any user accustomed to keyboards of the last 5 years (Apple ones, at least, since that's what I mostly use and they're quite good) will see any benefits to using one. They're louder, way bulkier, and can only be used when connected to a computer via this weird and ugly thing called a "cable."

Comment Re:In other news (Score 1) 610

In other news, yet another 2 bit "rapper" is getting free publicity accidentally on purpose!

I'm not sure what "2-bit" means in the context you're using it here (unless it's to show you're belong to the 60+ age group), but just because you're apparently unfamiliar with Tyler the Creator or Odd Future doesn't mean a guy who is frankly producing more interesting music with more interesting lyrics than U2 is trying to ride their coattails for publicity. He made an amusing and controversial quip (as he tends to do) and the media's amused by it as well. Carry on.

Submission + - Evolutionary theory doomed Concorde

xyankee writes: A Duke university professor of mechanical engineering and materials science has explained that Concorde's fate was inevitable, based on his own constructal law developed in 1996. 'The law states that for a system to survive it must evolve to increase its access to flow – a process [that] is evident in animal vascular systems, river systems, tree branches and even modern road networks,' explains Engineering and Technology Magazine. 'Larger animals have longer lifespans and travel farther distances, just as passenger airplanes have been designed to do... The Concorde was too far off from the ratios that evolution has produced in passenger jets [to succeed],' says Dr. Adrian Bejan.

Comment Re:Big deal (Score 1) 99

Copy is good, sync works well. I'm up to 2.8TB of free space from referrals in one account of mine, and 600GB in another. In terms of free-for-life space (supposedly) that's pretty rad.

Two complaints:
1. Their iOS app is a bit lacking. It can't play audio files in the background, so when you switch apps your music stops playing which is annoying. Dropbox for iOS continues streaming the music in the background.
2. It doesn't seem super fast, maybe because I only have a free account. I rarely see syncs top 1MB/sec, even though both computers I sync to regularly are on fast lines (100/10 for one of them, and 50/25 for the other). Still, it's free, so... (and to be fair: I've never closely looked at how fast dropbox xfers and I've largely replaced it with Copy).

Oh, here, my 5GB referral code (gives both of us 5GB). Let's see if I can get up to 1PB, shall we? :p

Comment "berserk robot explosives gun" = nsa (Score 1) 258

Yea, software glitch... good story. Get real, the thing was hacked into as part of an exercise to see whether we can commandeer a foreign country's electronic munitions.

Don't believe me? We've done far worse... and our warfare capabilities are always grossly under-exaggerated in anything you can read that's not classified.

P.S. - "we" = usa

Data Storage

Submission + - Drobo unleashes 8-bay DroboPro (

mishas writes: "The storage wizards at Data Robotics have released the DroboPro, featuring 8-bays, FireWire 800, USB 2.0, and iSCSI connectivity. You can also rack-mount the DroboPro (3U). Like the regular Drobo, DroboPro has specs that geeks want but a price that's on the high-end: $1,299 with no drives."

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