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Comment healthy skepticism (Score 1) 236

Material science is definitely not my area but the only articles I can find on this revolutionary process are in GizMag.

There is a patent application from 2008:

But then there is a .mil evaluation:

Comment bro is a perfectly good noun (Score 1) 781

There is nothing misogynistic about bro. Guy is not misogynistic. Dude is not misogynistic.
Buddy is not misogynistic. Bloke is not misogynistic. Cat, chap and fella are not misogynistic.

Gal is not misandristic. Babe is not misandristic. Cafebabe is not misandristic. Chick, doll and honey are not misandristic.

Mozilla though, may be misandristic.

Comment Another Function Key please (Score 1) 698

Would that the Caps Lock Key were repurposed as another Function Key.

As I type this on my MacBook Pro, I notice that ALL of the Function Keys are overloaded. What is so special about the Caps Lock Key that it wouldn't be overloaded? I usually end up disabling it: System Preferences>Keyboard>Keyboard>Modifiers Keys>Caps Lock>No Action. At least this prevents me from accidentally locking my caps which I NEVER EVER want to do.

Comment Objective C (Score 2, Insightful) 407

I hate C++. It's the triumph of syntax over clarity. The only thing it brought to the game was a better commenting method. I can't read a page of C++ without referring to something. I've never seen clear clean C++. I'd never willfully write in C++. Objective C is a measured improvement over C and I vacillate between obj C and GCC. Would that Swift were more like obj C and less like C++.

Comment C++ is the triumph of syntax over clarity (Score 1) 200

In my career, C++ has been my least favorite language. There's really nothing I like about it, save its introduction of // commenting. I hate looking at a page of C++ and not having any idea and knowing I can have any idea ever given that one page. I wouldn't recommend it for anything, for anyone, ever.

Comment No way in hell would I work with progressives (Score 1) 464

I have progressives for driving and everything else. I also have prescription sunglasses for driving. But for computer work, I have a readers with the focal distance set at about 3-4 feet, tool distance. To be clear that is *not* reading distance. It's the distnace of your laptop or desktop. I also use these when I'm working with tools. But there are many choices out there, depending on your wallet. Single vision butt ugly prescription readers are CHEAP. Be certain that they are good and ugly so that you only use them for said purpose. If you have slightly more cash, you can get Seiko PCWide Trivex. Basically progressive exists because the lense makers can pretty much infinitely vary their lenses. Progressives are two or three lenses in one. But you can also optimize for other criteria. These are called free-form lenses and for a few dollars more you can get lenses optimized to you as well such as Seiko Individual. You will have to educate yourself on this. Your optician may not know or have the time to explain. But to be blunt about your question, no way in hell would I work with progressives.

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