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Submission + - RSA Conference Boycott in danger of not happening ( 1

hackajar1 writes: RSA and NSA boycotts come in many forms. In an attempt to slow down and aggravate "business as usual" and boycott at the upcoming RSA Conference in San Francisco, a group of local hackers are attempting to buyout the closest and cheapest food option in the area, a Chevy's Restaurant. Quality and opinions of the establishment aside, anyone who has attended RSA Conference knows that this lunch spot has traditionally been a key meetup spot for vendors to do business, netting the restaurant over $17k in daily sales. Now with 2 days left in the fundraising, it appears they might not make their goal. They have even thrown in a free deck of Hackers Against Humanity cards to help sweeten the pot.

Comment Re:Juniper (Score 1) 215

How is JunOS being derived from FreeBSD bad for users? It isn't.

On the other hand, people that use Juniper routers now get a good operating system they are familiar with and tools that don't suck, rather than yet another reinvention of the wheel. (Presumably, I've never used Juniper routers)

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