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Comment Re:Android Nougger vs. Windows RT (Score 1) 161

I can see why people would be less angry at Google for doing it than Microsoft given the differences in circumstance.

I can't. Most people don't that use custom ROMs, don't do it for the cool factor, but because there are things they want to do with their phone that otherwise can't because the crippled capabilities of Android/OEMs, or because they want an uniform experience across devices.

Locking the firmware ( with no way to disable this lock ) would enrage me (and a lot of people).

Comment Re:Android version (Score 1) 109

Making you pay to be able to run the app in the background without you realizing that's what you're doing.

Otherwise you need to walk with the phone unlocked, and the app active ( unless a mod exists to keep apps in the background believing they're in the foreground).
It's similar to Nintendo's pay for this toy to unlock a game character.

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