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Comment Re:i3 and tiling window managers (Score 1) 104

Same here. At the moment I remember the change from gnome2 to unity after upgrading. It was horrible so I tried gnome3, it was worse and there was no easy way to go back to gnome2 (no mate at the moment). So I went to awesome WM. I've some complains but the WM just stays out of your way, it's awesome.

Comment Re: No (Score 1) 235

Javascript is, sort of, ok for what it was originally created for.

Then all the webapps craziness came up and javascript had to cope up with it.

Then someone thought that it was smart to use javascript as a programming language, probably because all those webdevelopers turned programmers.

Comment Re:inverse foreign law legislature (Score 1) 199

Citizens in those countries were, at least, as free as you were. Otherwise explain vietnam drafts.

Also US may not be the bad guys, but having "bad guys" as enemies doesn't make you part of the good guys.

Explain bombing the shit out of violent dictator on country A while having good relations with neighbor violent dictator in country B (Gadafi vs al-Ásad)
Explain supporting de facto governments in LATAM.
Explain Cuba.

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