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Comment Re:Signed drivers? (Score 1) 257

Tablets and phones use MTP, kindle uses USB mass storage like a pen drive.

USB mass storage prevents the storage from being accessed from multiple devices at the same time, so Google went with MTP for android but Windows didn't include it on Windows7 nor any of it's updates (Not sure if it's preinstalled on w8 or w10).

Comment Re:Lets... (Score 2) 257

Kindles emulate standard USB storage.
This seems more like windows trying to be "smart", detecting a kindle device and handling it different, triggering a bug.

This is a stupid bug that should not happen (as a kindle device should be handled by userspace and killed when unresponsive)

On the other hand, my linux experience when handling corrupted IO devices sectors hasn't been wonderful, so I can say the grass isn't much greener from this side of the fence.

Comment Re:They've been scrambling not improving (Score 1) 192

The game release was rushed, pressured by Nintendo, because they wanted POGO to hipe (instead of overlap) the pokemon sun/moon releases.

That's obvious by the time it took them to fix the tracking system an the load balancing of the servers. The game was also released feature incomplete ( no fighting, no trading, and on version 0.2*)

Comment Re: All your attention are belong to us (Score 1) 155

Maemo wasn't about having a unix prompt, it was about having a mobile phone, with a tablet/touchphone UI for easiness of use, but with a PC OS capabiites. That meant that all your gui-less linux tools ecosystems was directly ported.

Usually servers, or background processes that did some shit, that from time to time I still need to do on Android from time to time, but I can't so I need to use some ugly halfass app from the android playstore that might not do exactly what I need.

On the other hand, non power users had a normal playstore that installed normal phone apps, and wouldn't see the difference.

I still don't konw if maemo model would be up to the security standards required today, but that's another discussion.

Comment Re:Fuck iOS (Score 1) 129

What would prevent a bugged android apk to be delivered via the playstore? Are the gatekeepers that trustworthy?
I don't trust them, but I did trust android permissions to (at least) identify apps with strange behaviours. Seems I was wrong and I'll need to stop installing crap.

This is a serious bug, but iOS security superiority is not on its walled garden, but in its timely OS updates.

Comment Re:People aren't getting married (Score 1) 531

At this point, we're getting back to where we were hundreds of years ago

What about arranged marriages around the world today? Even in US orthodox communities.
Or what about post WWI arranged weddings between an Europeans working in America (as in continent), and pre-feminism single woman without available mens in their county.

Comment First (Score 1) 531

Fist they came for the Mexicans, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Mexican.
Then they came for the Muslims, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Muslim.
Then they came for the Obama Care, and I did not speak out— Because I was not on the 16% of uninsured Americans.
Then they came for the Porn! Thanks God we didn't repeal our Second Amendment Rights.

Comment Re:Android Nougger vs. Windows RT (Score 1) 163

I can see why people would be less angry at Google for doing it than Microsoft given the differences in circumstance.

I can't. Most people don't that use custom ROMs, don't do it for the cool factor, but because there are things they want to do with their phone that otherwise can't because the crippled capabilities of Android/OEMs, or because they want an uniform experience across devices.

Locking the firmware ( with no way to disable this lock ) would enrage me (and a lot of people).

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