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Comment Re:this is why i quit voting (Score 1) 742

This is why you SHOULD vote. Vote 3rd party or write in. That at least shows the main two parties that you're willing to vote but aren't happy with them. If you don't vote why should anyone in the government (that is supposed to represent you as a citizen) give a shit what you think?

Don't give up just because your vote won't go to the winner, that doesn't mean it was "thrown away". Your single vote will probably never swing an election anyway. But parties and politicians will absolutely try to appeal to the people who are willing to vote. What matters is that you as a citizen exercise your right to influence your government.

Comment Re: daily mail reporting (Score 1) 555

Regenerative braking can provide up to a certain amount of deceleration based on the speed of the vehicle. Low speeds need to use the conventional brakes to come to a complete stop or hold the vehicle in place. But if you're at moderate speed and the driver (or an automated system) requests more deceleration than the regenerative braking can supply, it still uses that first and then makes up the difference with the conventional brakes. So you still put less wear-and-tear on the conventional brakes.

Source: I work on this stuff. Disclaimer: could vary between different vehicle's (supplier's) design decisions / algorithms.

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 251

It's like the nasty dystopian future, but without cool skater chicks and designer digital drugs.

Only one thing to do then: we need to throw resources at advancing our cool skater chick and designer digital drug technologies to catch up and balance things out! Best place to start on both would probably be by forking the current EDM scene ...

Comment Re:Cam shafts work without the battery (Score 1) 383

In general, solenoids are either on or off, but that is not intrinsic to their design. Opening and closing times can be altered either electrically or physically (for example, using soft iron to slow the magnetic field's change).

To add: I write software for automotive braking systems (ABS, traction control, etc.) which use solenoids to actuate hydraulic valves to control the braking pressure at each wheel. A lot of work goes into controlling the solenoids/valves with a certain duty cycle or current level in order to actuate the valves to precise degrees of openness. This is done both to precisely control hydraulic fluid flow/pressure and also for auditory noise and mechanical vibration reasons. Automakers want ABS/ESC to be as quiet as possible. If the valves simply slam open/closed it's usually very audible to the driver, and potentially distracting at a time when their control of the vehicle could be compromised. Some things are done to dampen this mechanically but largely it comes down to algorithms requesting fine control.

So it depends on the application. Strictly speaking I think a "solenoid" is just the coil of wire which is definitely an analog component, turning an electrical current into a magnetic field. How the core, such as a valve, physically responds to the magnetic field may be simple on/off or could be analog.

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