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Comment Re:Patent-encumbered standards are stupid (Score 1) 182

The standard IS open in that during definition of it anyone (paying to be a member) can contribute, provide feedback, and vote. If you meant free as in beer, they could have required that, but then none of the corporations that did the R&D would have participated and we'd have many "standards" and not just one.

Comment Re:Who is the troll? (Score 1) 80

With Google's current pricing they will likely lose money until the achieve enough regular income to cover the costs of acquiring hardware, powering them, and supporting them. I don't know how many customers it'll take before Google breaks even and starts making a profit, but it's probably not a small number. So even though Google has a plan to monetize this, there's no guarantee they'll make a profit (otherwise Google App Engine would be expanding), and no guarantee they'll keep dumping money in an unprofitable side business. Given their track record, I may try them out for some capacity while keeping most of it in EC2 or Azure.

Comment Not about the tablet (Score 4, Informative) 374

Apple is not making any claims on patents on the general idea of a tablet. They asserting design patents on specific design elements. If this guy's tablet invention shows prior art to Apple's designs patents, then those patents should be invalidated. Repeating the "rectangle with a screen" rhetoric is more akin to religion than science.

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