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Comment Re:Wait a second... (Score 1) 445

Kudos to NASA for having two sets of tools, one for each astronaut. ... Wait... You say they only have those two sets? No backups? ...

The article implies that they had two bags on the spacewalk. No saying how many more tools they had inside the space station. Never trust the summary alone.

Comment Re:Who cares.... (Score 1) 905

Maybe you should try using some of those "crappy" closed-source drivers. I've found that when the manufacturer makes drivers for Linux (closed or open source) they usually work better than the third-party open source versions. Being closed source does not make something crappy any more than being open source makes something crappy.

Comment Re:Leave Stallman alone *sobs* (Score 2, Informative) 905

Cedega is open source and you can even download the latest source from cvs but still transmeta is able to sell it.

I was curious about your example so I looked it up in wikipedia. This is what I found:

Cedega (formerly known as WineX) is TransGaming Technologies' proprietary fork of Wine . . .
. . .
Though Cedega is mainly proprietary software, Transgaming does make part of the source publicly available via CVS, under a mix of licenses.

Also note that the company is Transgaming, not Transmeta.

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