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Comment Re: And thus the Internet of Things collapses (Score 1) 211

We also have to figure it is almost impossible to get ahead now. Work hard for 10 years at a company and one day they simply decide you are to expensive, never mind the fact that the reason you are expensive was that you worked hard and had earned a number of pay increases. Find a new job, rinse, repeat. But yes, 100 years ago it was worse, the problem is we are headed back in that direction now.

Comment Re:FFS (Score 1) 276

"and you have to remember that a lot of the people who come here don't have a lot else going on in their lives."

Spoken like the low-ID luser you are, waxing eloquent about the days when you didn't suck as much cock as you do these days.

Fun fact; there's a reason why Malda left his own blog for greener pastures, and it wasn't because Slashdot regulars like you made him want to stick around. Quite the opposite, in fact. Even the CREATOR OF SLASHDOT has better things to do with his time than waste it here.

So, outside of trolling why are you here?

Comment Re: Tesla doesn't use rare earth metals (Score 1) 108

Honda's main problem, as the owner of one, and prior owner of another, is that their Hybrids do not compete. I get at best 43mpg in my Civic and my old 2010 Insight topped out around 44mpg. They don't drag anything around as they use an IMA (Integrated motor assist) that just "assists" the gas motor when accelerating.

Comment Re: I always quit without notice (Score 1) 765

My former employer sent the HR rep over at 3pm on a Tuesday with my supervisor and terminated my employment without cause, or notice. I found that it was in lieu of layoff. As the company had been paying severance in prior layoffs I could have made a case in court, so about 26 of us ended up Right to Worked one afternoon.

Comment Re:dvd is useful - please fight (Score 1) 167

The rise in numbers has a lot of associated factors, one is people simply having children later in life. Also, it is frequently not diagnosed until the age of 2. Some markers can be identified earlier, even in pregnancy, but most of the time it is later. This is part of what drove the anti-vax movement. Couples over 40 need to rethink that "Let's go have Kids" moment. The risk is through the roof.

Comment Re:dvd is useful - please fight (Score 1) 167

Have you even met real autistic children? I am talking about the ones who break furniture due to rocking back and forth, that have word perfect recall of every conversation you ever had with them but can not tolerate the slightest change in routine. They do tend to lash out and it is not easily controlled. I can see removing adverts for them. Some can function and hold down simple jobs, others will eventually need to be institutionalized. I have one of each in my family.

Comment Re:They still make game consoles? (Score 1) 314

The major difference between the 3 and 4 is RAM, I can't remember how many articles came out about games suffering because the PS3 lacked enough RAM. I can't say the CPU is better, it may be, it may not be. We are looking at X86 vs Cell (Power PC), but I never saw it run in a non-memory constrained situation. But you can see from how much detail has to be reduced that the new machine is a major leap. Also I am fairly certain the GPU is a lot more powerful.

Comment Re:Objectively, it IS getting worse, and not just (Score 1) 127

I found this when I went back to school a few years ago. I also ran into a similar situation staffing a help desk. I had two major issues. First, I started out too lenient. My immediate superior was lax on the discipline, and that worked, we all showed up, did our jobs, went home. I hired these kids in their early 20's and it was a mess. Start times, showing up, doing what they are told to do the way they are told to do it, and simply calling in to let me know if they would be late or out. Ended up having to crack down, start writing people up, and in a couple instances termination. The other major issue was grammar. A lot of the support was delivered via "Chat" Window. The directive was proper grammer, user of clients name, and professional language. Example: "How are you today Mr. Smith?" "How may I be of service?" What we got: "How R U?" "Whats wrong?" These were college grads.

Comment Re: FUD (Score 1) 357

Everything is carcinogenic, yes, I remember the whole artificial sweeter craze. Drink 200 Diet Coke's and you will get bladder cancer. Still, increased usage to combat increased resistance of a chemical that "Probably" is carcinogenic and definitely kills plants just strikes me as a bad course of action. I read the Monsanto bit about it, it's on their site, a wonderful piece of propaganda. GMO's are not a specific problem. From Coffee Rust to the Chinese brown stink bug, billions of dollars are spent combating invasive species. Probably more than that, Fire Ants are not easy to get rid of. The fruit industry on the US East coast is really under pressure to control those nasty little invasive bugs. The problem with GMO's specifically is that they are engineered and not naturally occurring. Many could not be naturally occurring, and once out in the wild despite whatever controls are used to stop them, no one knows exactly what they will do. Added to that is the secrecy surrounding them, and the battle to not tell anyone if they are being used or not. (The battle to label GMO foods is lost, even if it is won as so few people have the money to actually buy 100% organic. Even with a decent income it is a matter of pick and choose.) Your point about Pollen almost works, I can see how one might argue about mutation from power lines, Eddie Murphy movies aside, there is a somewhat legitimate body of evidence that living/working under high voltage power lines can lead to cancer. The difference is that any mutation in that crop was not specifically engineered by scientists who inserted a specific gene from a different plant/animal into it. Legally, the question has already been answered, it is no ones fault. Although, this is a fun read. As for fewer vs. different, we really have to look at what is used as you say. I've seen different methods, such as growing different items that have different properties coupled with the use of hormone traps all the way to methods that are virtually indistinguishable from conventional GMO farming. That was 25 or 26 years ago, most of what I remember was sitting in an ER with a doctor, could have been intern, asking what I had been doing. When my grandmother said we just went swimming and then home, he asked where, and I was admitted. Central FL, near Astor, in either 90 or 91. The issue in the news article is not that Monsanto suspected they had done it, it is the fact that a State has granted a corporation broad legal powers typically reserved to the state. Second, those powers appear to violate the fourth amendment rights regarding search and seizure. Secondary is that varied and vague threats may/may not have been made that using a specific "Seed Sorter" may be bad for ones business put someone else out of work. Given the size and budget most independent/small American farms have, any threat of legal action has to be viewed as significant because it could put them out of business. Monsanto is abusing that. Dupont and Synegra I think are the other two. A different issue is that those three companies own over half of all seed stock in use. That is not something I like to hear when it comes to the world food supply. I think GMO has an important role to play, I just don't believe it has been managed well. Things like rice with beta carotene are good, improving yield and shelf life while increasing nutrition are not bad things, especially when managed through cross breeding and traditional methods. It just needs to be managed with eye to the benefit over the profit. I'm still not buying Salmon though.

Comment Re: FUD (Score 1) 357

To respond. Glyphosate and Weeds" It is not so much the resistant weed as the over spraying of a chemical that very likely is a carcinogen. You spray a field, it kills most of the weeds, but not all. Eventually you get a weed that does not die, so you spray more. Does it cause cancer? Even Monsanto is saying that "Probably does not mean yes" which sounds a lot like "Invest in Chemo now and save later". Escaped plants. Well, the history of escaped hybrids, mutants, and in these cases invasive species can be looked at broadly as devastating to local ecology. Look at what Coffee Rust has done in places it did not previously exist. What is happening to Bananas? Fire Ants, killer bees, Australia and Pigs/Rabbits/People. Pythons in the Everglades. An invasive species enters an ecosystem and out competes the local plants/wildlife and takes over. Organic. Organic is not a religion, not even a life style choice, it is a business. A growing business. I prefer organic for one simple reason, fewer things are fed to the animals or sprayed on the crops. Note "Fewer". There are strict controls on the what is and is not allowed and in some countries that can be enforced. Back in the early 90's I became extremely ill after swimming in a pesticide polluted lake in FL near some orange farms, it was later shut down to toxicity. That stuff that made me ill, was sprayed on my food. But on the business end you have someone who went through the cost and effort to get certified, and suddenly his/her field is contaminated by supposedly sterile GMO crops, orders can not be filled, contracts are missed, and insurance may or may not cover it. Here is an example of the requirements for Organic milk, note #2 and #3. Now, if you have a child, and are old enough to remember us feeding cows...well other cows... doesn't that maybe strike a cord? Or how about being in a hospital within the last couple years. Antibiotic resistant bacteria, (look up cdiff) - At least 30 percent of the food they eat must be grazed at pasture during a grazing season of at least 120 days; - No antibiotics or growth hormones may be used; - All feed must be organic, and - No meat or poultry by-products can be in the feed. As for the legal actions, I've not kept up, but this was the kind of harassment I remember. A bit dated, but I have no doubt still happening.

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