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Comment Re:Not-so-accurate source (Score 1) 487

Really? or do I miss something? ...put the server time as seconds since 1970 in a variable when rendering on the page... soon as javascript starts you take the local computers time and calculate the offset which you apply every time you update the clock... ...make sure your webserver has the correct time, but that is easy to-do... ...also timezones wont matter at all, since you just query the UTC times, the offset applied to the local time will still be correct... ...yeah 100hrs sounds about right, where can I apply to do it?

Comment how does it compare to kzip? (Score 2) 124

I wonder how it compares to kzip ( which is trying to do the same just better and faster. Also google is trying to save 3% on gzipped content, but they dont use optipng/pngout on their images... up to 10% gains... jpegs, never heard of jpegtran google? it saves 20% on my digicam pictures (leaving exif and all meta intact).

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