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Comment Re:no online id == no xp (Score 1) 474

Well, consider this: I, as many others, use different identities for different purposes. So most likely, if you search for me, you will NOT find a major part of my forum posts if I only give you my name, educational and professional history.

If sb isn't communicating, it tells me exactly that. If the internet and business networking is an important part of his/her potential job, it would make a negative impression if the person doesn't even have a linkedin/xing/etc. profile. Don't try to link things that are obviously unconnected, like experience and online presence.

Comment Re:It propably won't.. (Score 1) 474


  1. afaik there's no direct contact info that's public on linkedin, so "day and night" seems a bit exaggerated
  2. did you try putting "I am not looking for a job currently, so please do not contact me for this purpose" on your linkedin page?

Comment Re:You can't win if you don't play (Score 1) 474

that is exactly the kind of attitude that makes people employ those shiny half-wits that are good enough at impressing you on the interview, and do not have an online presence to speak of. And that are being let go after a while because they just don't get the job done.

while i do not have those drunk pics online, i believe that whatever somebody does in his free time is his own business. and that anybody who does not have fun during his studies misses the whole point of it ^o^


Submission + - Eight-year DARPA Director Tony Tether Resigns (

LameAssTheMity writes: "

Eight-year DARPA Director Tony Tether announced his early resignation today via email, a copy of which is available at The DEW 'Distant Early Warning' Line, a defense industry blog. His resignation leaves the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency without a director, perhaps a sign that the US government is finally cutting costs by eliminating unnecessary bureaucratic positions.



Submission + - Google Gmail account mixups

andrewgjk writes: Gmail accounts are apparently subject to mixups. Today, my Thunderbird calendar add-in suddenly could not log on to my google calendar. So I went to gmail and asked to reset my password. A new password was promptly sent to my external email address. I then logged in to my previously empty gmail account only to find it populated with hundreds of emails dating back 2 years, none of which I had ever seen before. Then, I realized that many of the emails were from Friendster. So I went to friendster, typed my gmail account name and hit the "forgot password" link. I was sent a password, and logged in to some other guy's friendster account. Perhaps this is the result of an older account becoming reactivated, but I don't think so. This is very strange indeed — and more than a little scary. I can only hope that my personal emails won't one day be revealed to some complete stranger.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Phantom OS to challenge Windows, dismisses Linux (

xristoph writes:

[Somewhere in russia], Dmitry Zavalishin is cooking up a new operating system. He calls it Phantom. Phantom is a different approach on the OS than any other out there, with the primary goal of being immortal. In Phantom, powering off the computer will not cause programs to lose state. They can pick up where they left off as soon as the machine is turned back on. [...]

Still to be done is the GUI. You know as well as I: All that matters in this life is a good command line. Still, the daily-user type needs some sort of mouse. Sounds like a crutch if you ask me.

After the GUI, the next step for Dmitry Zavalishin is marketing Phantom. The best code in the world doesn't mean anything if nobody's buying. Actually, this step has already began, with Zavalishin telling the world that unlike Linux, Phantom is better than Windows.

Vaporware? Or will it ever see the light of day? And what will it mean for those who need to program for this system?

Comment Re:'former Access developer' (Score 1) 260

Isn't that an oxymoron ?

End users use Access

Developers use anything but

Even in a programming "language" as ugly as VBA, it is still possible to do proper coding instead of just scripting. I quote my boss at that time: "Why are you using more than one module? Why not put everything in one function?"

You may laugh at it, but for all those little tasks, even in a big corporation, MS Access is a good tool. It costs little, can be quickly developed and deployed, and you don't need an SAP developer for a few hundred bucks per hour. Of course, one needs to know the limitations and concerns: MS Access is only for smaller databases (up to 1M records in my experience), is NOT secure, and also not especially reliable. But for internal purposes, it can do a few tricks.

Btw, most of the code I had inherited from my predecessor made my eyes bleed. Needless to say, mostly I preferred to start from a "clean slate". That said, developing Access appz is not something I'd look forward to doing again :p

Comment Base as Access Competitor? (Score 2, Informative) 260

When will this happen. There were two features mentioned in TFA that make me think they are at least moving in the right direction:

Macros in Base Base gets a huge boost now that 3.1 allows macros in .odb files. Furthermore, Base macros can be bound to events. Helping it compete with Microsoft Access, Base developers will save time and enjoy new possibilities such as creating navigation forms (called switchboards in Access).

SQL syntax highlighting

SQL is a first-class citizen in Base. In 3.1 the SQL editor highlights SQL syntax, which is helpful for finding typos such as a missed quotation mark.

Good thing that there are finally macros in .odb files - and shocks me that before, there hadn't been?! Well, last time I played with Base was some time ago, and I was appalled at the features (or lack thereof), being a former Access developer. TFA makes me want to play with the new version, see if it is at least possible to create simple applications with it.

Comment As warm as Pluto or as cold as Venus... (Score 1, Informative) 222

Or the other way round, of course ;) From TFA:

The planet orbits its host star at a distance equivalent to that of Venus from our Sun. Because the host star is probably between 3000 and 1 million times fainter than our Sun, the top of the planet's atmosphere is likely colder than Pluto. However, planetary formation theory suggests a thick atmosphere blankets the planet, which combined with radioactive decay in the planet's interior may make it as warm as Earth.

So it could be inhabitable, it might have an ocean, and maybe there are aliens that look like E.T. living there. Maybe. But does it have a Stargate?

Comment Re:Ahh, true democracy (Score 1) 436

Better even:

Currently in the lead:
"Will you consider legalizing marijuana so that the government can regulate it, tax it, put age limits on it, and create millions of new jobs and create a billion dollar industry right here in the U.S.?"

Well, if you ask the people, that's what you get ;)


Submission + - Israel Corp eyes partners for electric car venture (

xristoph writes: NEW YORK, Oct 29 (Reuters) — The executives behind a new venture to build electric car recharging grids in cities worldwide are in talks with automakers and related companies to cooperate on the project and help reduce reliance on fossil fuel. See

Submission + - World' first WiMAX Phone in Japan! ( 1

xristoph writes: While we are still busy with the WiFi or 3G phone, Japan is putting the latest wireless technology in to cellphone. The Ceatec uncover some nice product like for example on the AU from KDDI booth where we could test the full power of the WIMAX with a multi video conference this on the go thanks to a Fujitsu laptop...

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