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Comment You know what? Fuck this. (Score 2) 97

My phone dies with me. I'm sure many of my accounts die with me. I spend enough of my time keeping anyone, cops, bad guys, whoever, anyone, from reading my stuff. If they're going to /copy biometrics/ just to get access to some moron who kills me? No. I'm dead, doesn't matter anymore. Just leave me alone in death in the way you wouldn't in life.

I guess I'm glad everything's password and I have a really, really good memory and very fast fingers.

Comment Re:Marriage (Score 5, Insightful) 268

Tax benefits, hospital visitation, inheritance issues, insurance costs...and on, and on, and on.

Things that heterosexual couples take for granted that gay couples could not prior the the legalization of marriage equality nationwide. Do this: Be in a heterosexual marriage for 15 years, and follow your spouse's ambulance to the hospital. Then have a nurse deny you access to their bedside because your "marriage" offends her sensibilities. This same shit had to be fought over interracial marriage as well.

Perhaps your spouse dies in that hospital. Now have their family swoop in and take away your home, along all the money from your spouse's bank accounts. Sure, they could set up trusts and contracts and PoA's, but the point is, I'm married, and if I die, my wife by default is my next of kin. I don't have to do any of that noise, and neither should someone else just because they're gay. Inheritance and capital gains were an even worse issue.

Try having a shred of empathy for people whose circumstances are different from yours, how does that sound? Gay people don't necessarily care if people "like" their marriage, but they should be equal under the law. Statements like yours sound like they're straight out of 1963 and just repurposed from "Coloreds" to "Homos".

Comment Re:David Cameron is actually a genuine idiot (Score 1) 260

And so what sort of -ism led to the actual panopticon of the NSA, XKeyscore, and GCHQ's actual /ability/ to do what they're talking about trying to do?

But you keep blaming damn dirty socialism. My staunchly Rush Limbaugh listening republican as fuck father in law is firmly in the camp of "I don't care if the government reads all my email and watches all my web traffic, I have nothing to hide".

So fuck your vile, watery pissant argument against the "nanny state" and socialists who beg to be spied upon.

Comment Re:bang on the tv too (Score 1) 304

I drilled a hole in my ST to adjust the voltage while it was running. When it first powered up, had to crank the voltage up to avoid crashing, then after it was on a while, crank it back down because it would start leaving mouse trails everywhere. I ended up dumping it in a Tupperware bin, and then jamming the keyboard in an IBM mushmaster keyboard case (I didn't defile a Model M for this or anything). I miss that thing sometimes. Emulation just isn't the same, because with emulation your primary job is "play a game", not "keep the machine running while trying to play the game".

Comment Hotmail (Score 1) 405

Hotmail did this to me too, sending from my VPS at 1 and 1. The explanation in their bounce was that it was due to other hosts from the same provider being spammers, etc, but that after my host's reputation was established it would be naturally un-blocked.

That does seem to be what's happened. As I consistently generate non-spam mail toward hotmail/ accounts, it has been un-blocked and now works without issues.

I'm particularly interested in your case however, since I plan to migrate to Comcast business myself. I'd prefer not to relay through their servers if possible, what with the shenanigans large ISPs seem to want to pull recently re: STARTTLS downgrade attacks, etc.

Comment Re:Dual interface ? (Score 1) 92

Here's an RSN product, Bunnie Huang has been building his own completely open hardware laptop, and demand has been such that they're looking to sell them sans-screen in a router case with two NICs: Novena

I have no idea about availability, but they're around, Jake Appelbaum was playing with one the other day in a recent talk.

Comment Personally and Professionally (Score 1) 445

Personally, I use a password protected secure not in an OSX keychain. Fine, rail me for that, but if someone gets into my keychain, I already lose anyway.

For work, I've been trying WebPasswordSafe for the last several months. This is to get away from the melange of different un-sync'd password lists in various password managers people in the IT department had. So far it works well, it offers group policies, so theoretically it could be rolled out company wide and each user and group could have their separate password lists.

I'd been guided to look at SecretServer, but the features I need are in WPS, and it's easier to sell Free in my company than Several Hundred or Thousand dollars, for many things at least.

Comment I've just been dealing with this (Score 1) 388

I use a personal domain for my actual mail, but have accounts at all the major free mail sites too, just for spam or whatever.

I started getting mail to my Yahoo account which wasn't spam, but clearly not for me, as part of a group of people participating in a medical imaging conference. For a while I just blew it off, but eventually the organizer mailed my actual non-yahoo address by mistake as well. So I decided to be swell about it and let her know that I'm not the person she's trying to reach. She said "Oh, I'm sorry, I meant to do (yourname), thanks!", and so I told her "well no, that's also me, sorry". I proceeded to tell her an address which would work for her intended recipient (work email for the person she was trying to mail, who isn't me).

Basically she refused to believe she has been sending to the wrong address, and said "I had no idea two people could have the same email address, I guess Yahoo must allow it or something". At that point, I gave up and just let it go again. It's not high-volume enough to matter.

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