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Comment Consider them a projectile or lawn dart (Score 0) 248

I think UAV's and robots should be considered lawn darts... I don't think it matters if there is a pseudo intelligence since if that fails they are about as good as a lawn dart. My sister and I used to throw them straight up in the air and see how fast we could dodge them. We passed that Darwinian test and I've found myself doing the same with hunks of electronics now. They are released from us and hopefully do what we designed them to do but still... at the most basic fundamental level, they are a projectile from us... very expensive Frisbee's. I think this metaphor? would apply to walking ground robots as well. If another person picks them up or tampers with them it would be like picking up a gun. Yes it would be stupid we lost the gun but now it's up to that person to be responsible with it and return it to it's owner and/or turn it into the authorities. What do you guys think? Does this hit the nail on the head ( maybe with a lawn dart )? Is there a better way of thinking of these in animate objects?

Comment teach don't preach (Score 0) 823

When I was younger I acted elitest too. I used to loath m$ users and scoff at mac users. I used to think if you didn't know x86 or RISC ASM that you weren't really a programmer. I used to think ANSI gfx would never die and 64k was more than enough! Now I'm older and use all OS's, code ruby and java while sipping coffee in a yuppy coffee shop full of types of ppl I used to despise. The ones that point to the case and call it hard drive. But now when they do it I don't want to beat them to death with my skateboard, I calming explain the difference and go grab a beer. Because after college you know that with enough beer it doesn't matter how stupid other people are.

Comment Pirating Gene's (Score 0) 85

hmmm maybe we can torrent pirate genetics to 3d printers that create gene therapy pills at low cost... It's to bad greeks didn't patent the Pythagoras theory or all the other stuff they gave to the world. they might not be in such bad financial state.

Submission + - I Call BS on IP

xpatch writes: I don’t understand why people think their inventions truly belong to them, they don’t. They belong to everyone. The only way they would, is if the person grew up with no human contact or inherited knowledge. My argument for this is that so called intellectual property is based entirely from external sources with a logical hop to something new. What if Pythagoras had patented the pythagorean theorem. What if your native language was patented. They had a Freeware english and a paid for english, but only people that paid could use paid for english that had thousands of more words and could convey messages with greater accuracy.

I know from experience that I’ve written the exact same code with different variable names for the same problem. A mild variance but the solution was not unique it was a logical conclusion. This is not property. Everything you do in your field has been supported by someone before you. If IP as a concept and law is allowed to stay we are doing our entire race a dis service.

p.s. I'm using the freeware English.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Our Rights! Resistance of the SOPA, PIPA movement

xpatch writes: Some friends sitting around tonight discussing the internet monitoring issue. Which Country resisted the most? I said canada, another friend said another country (not US), I'm curious if there's factual information out there on the stats.

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