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Comment Why the H1 crowd? (Score 1) 574

I don't understand why H1B people have to be the target. There are two simple solutions to laying people off. First see who's the best person for the job and eliminate the other. If that doesn't work, eliminate the more expensive one. This Grassley guy just want something to cry about. Maybe 'cos no one wants to do anything in Iowa.

Warner Brothers Pulls Canadian Previews 273

A number of readers let us know that Reuters and others are reporting that Warner Brothers is canceling movie previews in Canadian theaters, starting with Oceans Thirteen. A Warner VP said, "Within the first week of a film's release, you can almost be certain that somewhere out there a Canadian copy will show up." Recently, the International Intellectual Property Association placed Canada on its Priority Watch List, along with the likes of Argentina, China, Russia, Turkey, and Venezuela. This community knows, thanks to Michael Geist, that the claim is mostly ficiton.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Why Microsoft Should Acquire Linux

slasshy writes: " author Gundeep Hora ponders the thought of Microsoft acquiring Linux to further its development. Is it a good scenario? From the article: "A lot of Linux enthusiasts claim that Microsoft sabotages Linux and the open source software movement for pure revenue, but let's think about it. If Microsoft acquires the aforementioned distributions and in essence, controls much of the Linux market, Microsoft wouldn't need to sabotage such a rapidly growing market. After all, if Microsoft controls the direction, it wouldn't be threatened anymore."

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