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Comment Re:Just leaving... (Score 1) 99

I did this a few months ago. Went to firefox with TreeStyleTabs, which is not a bad combination. I miss Opera Link (Firefox has similar but it's not as good), but otherwise most things have worked ok.

The 1 really annoying thing that there doesn't seem to be a plugin for, is that if a website in the background does a javascript.alert(), firefox will change to that tab. In (old) Opera, it would just make it flash on the tab bar, but leave it in the background. And there's a site I have open in the background ( that does this a lot :(

Comment Re:Not all vegetarians would like vegetarian meat. (Score 1) 466

Yes you can kind of make Tofu tasty with some work (though personally I've never had tofu elevated beyond "edible"), but you have to do nothing to a chicken breast to make it tasty other than cook it.

Well, for me it's the exact opposite way round. I'll eat Tofu uncooked out of the packet and I like it, but I've found Chicken to be no better than "edible" when cooked in a curry, and unpleasant the rest of the time.

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