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Submission + - Facebook helps trace laptop looter ( 1

DaveAtWorkAnnoyingly writes: A former NASA and FBI employee had had his laptop stolen during the recent looting and rioting in Britain. However, being an IT security professional, he had installed a tracking device into it so he sat, patiently waiting for his computer to phone home. "After two hours of watching him surf religious revelation videos, shopping for Mercedes A class on Autotrader he finally popped onto Facebook!". He said the information included the man's name, school, address in west London and information about his wireless internet. After he handed the details over to police, they raided the man's flat and recovered the laptop.
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - Emacs violates GPL since 2009 (

Digana writes: Emacs, one of GNU's flagship products and most famous software creation of Richard Stallman, has been discovered to be violating the GPL since 2009-09-28 by distributing binaries that were missing source. The CEDET package, a set of contributed files for giving certain IDE functionality related to static code analysis, has distributed files generated from bison grammars without distributing the grammar itself. This happened for Emacs versiones 23.2 and 23.3, released during late 2009, and has just been discovered.

Comment Re:Android development is moving too fast (Score 1) 92

How can you install a new released version of android on old phone? Android uses different kernel(read device drivers) for each release.

Cupcake: 2.6.27
Donut: 2.6.29
éclair: 2.6.31

Google does not write device drivers or port kernel. Google get involved only in reference platform which is required to develop android user space. For rest of devices, kernel porting is mostly driven by OEM(for a particular hardware) and it is done by hardware partners. What is the incentive for OEM to port a new kernel for old hardware which is already in market?

Comment Re:Pay no attention to the CPU behind the curtain (Score 1) 117

Embedded System on Chip= ARM cores + Peripheral(SDIO, USB, I2C..) Controllers + Video/Audio Decoder + Interrupt Controller + Power Manager Unit Controller + RTC + ... Most of the SoCs are designed to have different power rails to all ( or few combinations) of these modules. I am not aware of any SoC which keeps ARM core running while playing music when screen is OFF. To serve an interrupt, you don't need to keep ARM running. You can always wakeup ARM core through some custom circuitry and save power.

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