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Comment Re:Hypocrites (Score 3) 696

"Would you mind uploading your email archive to a web server for the rest of us to look over?"

At my place of work every email can be subject to review, also every single packet of information that leaves my computer. I would even daresay they have the right to monitor my computer screen remotely.

My employer has the right to this information, and since the Government is our employee, we do too.

Comment Re:Some people do not even watch TV (Score 1) 119

Someone who "Watches TV" IMO means watching more than three 30 minute shows a day regularly, or if you watch more than one movie per day.

When I considered myself completely TV free, I wasn't watching anything on any medium, whether it be netflix, torrents, or plain old TV. Now that I have become addicted like usual when I begin watching anything with any regularity, I'm watching episodes of very particular shows for 3-4 hours per night on various "watch-show-name.com" sites...

I used to fill that time with personal projects, music production and mixing, exercising, light-gaming, and in general doing anything productive at all once I get home from work. Now it's the default to just come home at 6:00pm and flip on the episodes while cooking dinner, eating, and then sitting there watching either the same show or two to three different shows until it's time to go to bed. My g/f is now playing Aion (an mmo) from the time she wakes up til the time she goes to bed, quite literally. She'll do laundry, clean up a bit, and take care of our two big huskies; but her brain is completely melting atm (our car is broke down so I take the bus to work. She has literally not been off of our property for almost a month now). We're literally starting to have trouble with speech and pronunciation because we hardly ever talk, only type (even to each other).

I know everything should be done in moderation, but it's become rather hard to bring myself to do anything other than vegetate explicitly when I'm not at work. When I'm at work my desire to do things is completely bonkers and I end up researching stuff and planning stuff out that I never do with a firey passion, until it dies completely when I get home...

TV is alright if you're not watching it regularly (every day seems bad to me), but when consuming video content becomes your sole activity it does something to your brain...

Comment Re: Facebook Is Down (Score 1) 448

I use facebook to keep people in my City and elsewhere up-to-date about a weekly show, a monthly show, and various other random events that I help run and promote for. We have a website and use an email/sms contact list, but it's among the many tools we use to keep regular people in-the-know.

The biggest problem I hear people say over and over with them attending electronic-oriented shows is them not knowing where to look to find one. I used to think they happened every month or two but in reality there's 2-3 events per week, you just have to know where to look.

I try to make it as easy as possible for people who give me money to find me.

Comment Science and God are one (Score 1) 1328

"Because there is a law such as gravity" If there is a God, who do you think created such laws?

Why is it that science and God are always held at opposition. Isn't it naturally logical that a hypothetical God would have used natural laws that he likely put into motion to begin with? God wouldn't just use magical fluff, he'd obviously be the greatest mathematician and scholar in existence.

"the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist"

Isn't God often attributed to have always existed or having created himself?

Even Stephen Hawking can do nothing but grasp at ideas when it comes to literally proving the existence or lack thereof, of a creator god.

Comment Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 122

Well, because there is only horizontal parallax, and not vertical parallax for one thing. If you had an image of a pair of dice behind a playing card you could move left or right to look behind the card to see the dice, but you could not move up to look over the card to see the dice.

"but you could not move up to look over the card to see the dice." It seemed to work just fine in the video.

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