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Comment Re:Brainless! (Score 1) 429

While this is a step towards a more sane policy on meat production, you're right in that it doesn't go far enough.

What is the difference between kicking a stone down the street and kicking a frog down the street?

If it's only pain, then this is far enough. I'd guess not all suffering is physical though, so I agree with the OP.

Then again, I guess us vegetarians get grief for eating meat substitutes (seitan, wham, boca) so I'm sure some meat purists would find some way to be derogatory towards those who eat lab meat. ;)

Comment Info (Score 1) 174

The PR stunt almost worked on me, until I found I was allergic to terrible music.

A choice gem from a sidebar on The Sun's site by Carol Cooper, Sun Doctor:

"Wi-fi waves are higher in frequency than mobile phones and are intense due to the amount of info they carry."

Maybe the reason all these studies are failing to repeat results is because they're not transferring big enough files! One time I got between my computer and the router when I was sending a 10 GB file to the server and it almost knocked my on my arse.

Comment Re:nice (Score 1) 665

Have you actually read the books? I would have to disagree that religion is 'fine' if you take the books as parables and myths.

I guess if you're interested in a study of bronze age ethics it would be interesting. No modern value system should be based on such terrible nonsense.

Comment Piracy in the workplace (Score 2, Interesting) 958

My rule as an IT professional is that if you are making money using the software, you are obligated to reimburse the developer.

I take a more lenient approach for software used for personal training at home for two reasons:

1) Those people tend not to purchase the software and would just not use it as an alternative.
2) Familiarity with the software inspires purchases in a professional environment.

So personal piracy is freeloading with little/no negative effects on the developer. Profiting from software is a removal of a sale from the developer.

I was a big pirate in my youth, though I become the biggest hard ass regarding licensing in the professional sphere. Cover your own ass in an email stating that you won't pirate software without a direct order/authorization from above you. In my experience though, small/medium business owners will tend to be on the 'pro-piracy' side of things, so you may want to update your resume if it's a moral issue to you.

Personally I had pretty good experience just stonewalling them, which caused the staff to put pressure on the higher ups to get licenses purchased. If worse comes to worst, you can always lie and tell them that the license is node locked and calls home.

Comment Gifting Games (Score 1) 159

I had purchased HL2 with Episode 1 and some other expansions a while back to play Gary's mod. Recently I wanted to play Portal and saw that Orange Box was a pretty good package deal, so I picked it up through Steam.

Steam recognized that I already had a copy of HL2 on my account, and actually added a button that allowed me to GIFT my extra copy of HL2 to another Steam user.

I was expecting the HL2 bundle part of the package to just be wasted (since I already had it), but the fact that they recognized it as a separate product and even allowed me to give away the duplicate copy sat very well with me.

I recently purchased DoW2 through them and my download speed was faster than what I was getting for the same product from TPB.

Steam gets a thumbs up from me.

Comment Re:Number of reasons to make a console difficult (Score 1) 616

Yes, but I can probably buy an Xbox 360 and an Xbox 720 for the price of a PS3.

So you get a longer lifespan, but you're still going to be playing on old hardware. If things continue the way they are going with parallel computing, the next gen consoles may offer non-trivial differences which make upgrading hardware in smaller increments the smarter choice than buying in on a long term investment.

Personally, I feel it's a cute statement and it was true with PS2 (God of War 2 was amazing), but I don't think that is what made PS2 the winner last gen. It was the huge volume of games (similar to 360 this gen) that made it the console of choice, imo.

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