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Comment Got rid of Cable a while ago (Score 1) 697

My wife and I figured out that we were paying almost $100 a month to watch about 4 shows on Cable, and we already had a few streaming services like Netflix/Hulu, so this is the change we made:

Got rid of Cable: Savings $100 a month.
Kept Netflix (with bluray) $15 a month, Hulu: $7 a month, Easynews: $14 a month.

We bought two Apple TV's and I installed Sickbeard + SABnzbd (to use with NewsGroups) for the few shows that we wouldn't get with OTA. Added a DLNA server on my linux box to stream to the PS3's The first two months of no Cable paid for the two Apple TV's, the third month paid for a PS3 (for the second TV) with a broken Blu-ray drive since I only needed it for Steaming from the DLNA server.

Since I already had a PS3, X-Box and two Tivo's, I can stream from Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, and MLB, if I choose too, I could also stream from YouTube, Blockbuster, and a few others. With the odd question of "what service has my show", from my wife, it's the only issue we ever run into. We would never go back, and on top of not paying for Cable, my wife and I still get every show we used to watch, just not over the air. I also ended up ripping all of my Blu-Ray's to the DLNA server so I could have any of my movies on any TV I wanted with out ever having to go and get the disk.

Comment Re:With reservations, this can be a good thing (Score 1) 151


[1]: A lot of employers view arrest records as more meaningful than convictions because, "a thug can buy themselves an acquittal, while if a cop considers someone guilty enough to pull out the handcuffs and do the paperwork, they are guilty in this company's book."

Need a citation on this....personally I would rather be arrested 10 times then convicted once.

Comment Re:USB Drive, SAN/NAS, LTO ... (Score 1) 680

Drobo is not a bad idea, but I can tell you how I manage the photos in our house. My wife is an amateur photographer, has two DLSR's and can rack up 5Gb in a afternoon of shooting. She uses a Mac to do her processing, so when we import, it stores on the mac and on the time machine drive. (2 copies). During the import it also copies to a file share on our home Linux server (3rd Copy), and the moment they hit the Linux box, they trigger our online backup service, (4th copy). On Sunday and Thursday the photography directory copies over to our two external USB drives should the server crap itself (5th & 6th copy). Additionally every night a cron runs on her Mac that copies the actual Lightroom database to the server too, that way all her edits are kept (then Crashplan & USB drives). The nice this is, once she imports, everything else is handled automatically, no work required on my part. I get the emails from Crashplan and can tell by that, how many photographs she took. Some people think I am nuts, but I'm not even close to the level of some professions.

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