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Submission + - Virgin Galactic's suborbital spacecraft gets FAA blessing (networkworld.com)

coondoggie writes: "Space tourism company Virgin Galactic today said its spacecraft developer has been granted an experimental launch permit from the Federal Aviation Administration to begin rocket-powered testing of its spaceships. With the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation permit, Scaled Composites and its SpaceShipTwo craft will be able to test the aerodynamic performance of the spacecraft with the full weight of the rocket motor system on board. Integration of key rocket motor components, already underway will continue into the autumn."

Submission + - Cyber Security is Booming! (washingtonpost.com)

braindrainbahrain writes: It must be great to be in cyber security! First, Lockheed Martin announces the win of a half billion dollar contract providing cyber security services to several government agencies. At the same time, a senior adviser for innovation at the State Department, has a piece of advice for students : "If any college student asked me what career would most assure 30 years of steady, well-paying employment...I would respond, cyber security.". The latter article goes on to discuss the shortage of cyber security professionals, how the government needs to hire at least 10,000 experts in the near future, and how the NSF is trying to promote an interest in computer science at the high school level.

So, for cyber security experts out there: Is this field really all roses? Do you get frequent calls from recruiters? Big raises? Retention bonuses? Or is this all a bunch of hooey?


Submission + - Milky Way's black hole wasn't always such a wimp (nature.com)

scibri writes: Sagittarius A*, the dormant supermassive black hole that lies at the centre of our galaxy, was much more active than today not that long ago. Astronomers using the the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have picked up some faint gamma-ray signals that suggest that Sagittarius A* was emitting a pair of powerful gamma-ray jets like other galactic black holes as recently as 20,000 years ago (Arxiv paper).

If our black hole was more active in the past, it could explain why Sagittarius A* seems to be growing about 1,000 times too slowly for it to have reached its current mass of about four million solar masses since the Galaxy formed about 13.2 billion years ago.

Comment Speaking from experience... (Score 1) 637

I went from making $76,000 a year to $10,000 a year. The last thing(s) I'm giving up is my phone (NO data!), and my car. Need to be able to keep connections (phone), and need to be able to get there with a reasonable response time (car). (public transit here isn't too good) If I HAD to choose ONE, I'd pick cellphone (no data!)
Data Storage

Submission + - Long term multi tagged code storage ?

An anonymous reader writes: Over the past 15 years, I've written variety of code for different jobs in many languages. I wanted to know if there's a versioning system or storage schema to allow multiple tags and ways to access the code for quick retrieval and reference.

Example: I have 'expect' scripts written in Tcl, Perl, Python, and Php. I'd like to have all my Php code stored together, but be able to review all the expect scripts I've written as well.

I'd like to be able to grep all expect code for something, or be able to peruse all the Perl programs I've written.

With disks being cheap, it would be easy to just replicate the code in multiple places, but this seems to be a technically weak solution.

Do any Slashdotters have a multi-tag compatible system they are happy with?

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