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Comment Re:Facts and codecs (Score 1) 370

I'm not sure I agree with your "freedom for code" statement. I don't think that's implied in anything I've ever heard Stallman say, although I'm not sure what you're referring to when you say "Church of FSF", so maybe you're talking about something else.

But from my understanding, the 'Freedom' in 'Free' software is freedom for the user to do what he wishes with said software. Because, as you've pointed out, it wouldn't make much sense otherwise.


Submission + - Musicians Can Upload & Sell Music And Take .65

Silent Thunder writes: "A new service allow musicians to upload and sell their non-DRM songs on any web site, blog or social network and keep .65 cents per song/download. Seems too generous for the company to make a profit but what the hell, musicians make as little as 4 1/2 cents on iTunes. It does not look like burn lounge's ponzi scheme. If it's real it will rock ~"

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