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Comment Re:Applications and apps are the same thing (Score 1) 211

From the jargon file:

killer app

The application that actually makes a sustaining market for a promising but under-utilized technology. First used in the mid-1980s to describe Lotus 1-2-3 once it became evident that demand for that product had been the major driver of the early business market for IBM PCs. The term was then retrospectively applied to VisiCalc, which had played a similar role in the success of the Apple II. After 1994 it became commonplace to describe the World Wide Web as the Internet's killer app. One of the standard questions asked about each new personal-computer technology as it emerges has become âoewhat's the killer app?â

Comment Re:Pay for internet (Score 1) 261

...the PS3 buttons even just outright feel like they don't respond sometimes.

This is actually why I prefer the ps3 controller over the 360 one. The reason being the buttons on the ps3 controller are pressure sensitive. Unlike the buttons in the xbox 360 controller which are simple mechanical switches with just 2 states, on or off, the buttons in the playstation 3 controller have 1024 possible states, where 0 is not pressed and 1023 is pressed all the way.

Most games do not use this functionality and instead track ps3 buttons as anything over 200 is on and anything under is off. Some games however, such as Wipeout HD, make use of the full range of the controller's sensitivity, meaning if you assign throttle to X and press X only half way down, you will only go half your maximum speed; same thing with your craft's ailerons; pressing the button half way down will only open your flaps half way...

As a result, the ps3 controller allows for far more precision, at least if you are familiar with the device's performance envelope.

Comment Re:Right... can you actually read? (Score 1) 299

Well, actually the first Unreal was not bad at all. Beautiful landscapes with a lot of mood (back then coming out of that prison ship and seeing Na Pali for the first time was breathtaking).

Yeah, tech demos usually do look totally awesome, with beautiful landscapes with a lot of mood. Doom 3 looked amazing when it was released too. However, the gameplay itself was mediocre and had very little depth. Unreal had levels such as Illumination, which were specifically created to showcase the engine's technical features.

Illumination was perhaps the worst level in the game, from a gameplay perspective. But it was perfect to showcase the Unreal engine's dynamic volumetric fog and terrain deforms.

Comment Re:Give me KOTOR 3! (Score 1) 299

TOR is a horrid mmo, but a decent enough RPG. In fact, I think if TOR had been released as single player console game it would have gotten GOTY. The game lost more then it gained in the transition from single player to mmo. For example, the main story is actually quite good, but the pacing is way off, due to the need to stretch out the story through a typical mmo style grind. If there was no grind the story would be way better - not because of content, but pacing.

Comment Re:Right... can you actually read? (Score 1) 299

Hell, all the most respected studio's are those who develop their own games. Unreal, Id, Blizzard etc etc. It is the publishing houses and their slave companies that everyone looks down upon.

Really? ID and Epic are notorious for releasing games that are little more then tech demos for their latest engines, which is where those two studios have traditionally made most of their money. The best games developed using ID tech engine have been 3rd party games; Doom engine gave us Hexen and Strife, Quake engine gave us Half-Life, Quake 2 engine gave us SiN, and SoF Quake 3 engine gave us Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Enemy Territory, Jedi Academy, Alice. The best games developed using Unreal Engine have likewise been 3rd party; Deus Ex, BioShock, Republic Commando, Arkham Asylum, Borderlands, Mass Effect, XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Comment Re:Ahh, Pentium. (Score 1) 197

"The Katamai core, I owned one... That was one of the best computers I ever owned."

Agreed. I absolutely loved mine. It was a p3 667, Dual Slot 1 OR840, 2gb rambus. I bought two matching machines; 2 motherboards, 4 cpus, 4 gigs of ram, 2 voodoo 5s (later upgrading to GeForce 5s). One for myself and one for my girlfriend. We ran the machines for almost 5 years, and did not upgrade until the dual core 3.0 mhz pentium D was released.

One of the p3 machines is still running today, as a firewall.

On a side note, the pentium D's lasted about a year and a half before they burnt out and were replaced with 32mn core 2 duos.

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