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Comment Re:Down the line... (Score 0) 248

Well,not exactly,and not to read the posters mind, but, every time a commercial interrupts my freakin' show, it pisses me off so that I write down the advertisers product AND put it in my NOT to purchase bucket list......so as to your statement that it did its job because I remembered the product................that is not always a positive.

Comment Re:I'm amazed... (Score 0) 1737

I came here today to say just that, thanks. Why the hell don't we see the black community jumping up and down to the fact that every single day there is black on black homicides, where the F is sharpton and jackson then. Those extra bullets that miss thew target kill innocent people. One other point, where the fuck is the "racism" in this event, nothing came from GZ, the only BS came from sharpton and TM himself when he called GZ a "creepy ass cracker" and he called him a "nigga" this came out of his mouth. I do not believe in being PC, black teenagers were committing burglaries in that gated community,2 were caught, blacks believe that not looking for asians, hispanics and white teenagers is racism......REALLY. The way the negro community is acting makes me sick and evrytime negros do not agree with a verdict, it gives them a ticket to riot,plunder and injure innocent people?????/

Comment Re:Bingo (Score 0) 749

Maybe the reason is because Jefferson is dead and his voice is no longer heard. If the founding fathers would see what the fuck this government has become, they most definitely tear up the Constitution and rewrite it to ban parties and corporations,ah,WTF they would start the revolution all over again, which I think is a great idea. If this government does not do an about face, stop being so fucking autocratic, we again will be at war against not only the government, but, against those are taking authority over the limit, I bet the horse on it.

Comment Re:Observation: (Score 0) 434

Tell the 124,000 parents babies which die in the first 4 weeks of birth about this god of yours, what, these babies did not get along with each other when they popped out? All you believers are weak and foolish,talking to something ,whatever it is and then thinking this fantasy entity of yours, hears you, is very funny. With today's society, your jesus would come back and some freakin' cop would arrest him for trespassing, go before a judge and he would "Baker Act" him. You are all hypocrats and hypoians.

Comment Re: Sounds reasonable to me. (Score 0) 573

WTF, you call the dude a "moron" for being efficient. You probably voted for Bloomberg. Corporations suck the shit out of citizens,but,when someone does it to them, they call and ask WTF ! This is another attempt by Big Corporate America to use their definition of "unlimited". Now it does not mean unlimited .."BUT"..it is supposed to mean no limit regardless,even if he wanted have servers.This reminds me of way back when Net Zero was free for life. Only when you actualy need or use a service do you find out that it is not what they say,you have to look on page 9,paragraph 5, a,c,and d.

Comment Re:Gun control however... (Score 0) 856

When the fluck, is enough , ENOUGH? For christs sake, today a printing machine, next the telephone, the toilet and then sneakers. Big brother is becoming so freakin' paranoidal and powerful that they will have cameras while taking a shit in your own home. The last time this country was this WTF'd up , citizens were yelling out very loudly "The British are coming,The British are coming". You bet in the near future there will be another Militia to save law abiding citizens from those who let elected authority get to their idiotic heads. Something I would dislike but will be necessary. Bloomy from NY is a perfect example.

Comment Re:Figure out where he is located (Score 0) 884

Yes, I agree with you on that and I would most likely agree with you on many issues, but,that is an issue that comes up every time (duh,they are both ILLEGAL in the first place) and honestly I do know of many discrepancies that cops use and I dislike it. This is an issue that none of us will ever "fix". We give authority to human beings, and a few take that authority and piss on us with it, and act like animals to ALL races.Trust me Black cops are no different to White,Asian or whatever. It all comes down to these freakin' "reactor" politicians who keep writing new laws and chipping away on OUR constitutional rights. I would stand and walk with any other of the races, hand in hand, but, kick to the curb any punk crooks who are looking for something for nothing....................

Comment Re:Figure out where he is located (Score 0) 884

LOL, It is not that White folks get less time,it that they have family members that work and therefore they can get bail, Blacks folks on the other hand can't get bail because all of their families are most likely incarcerated also or on taxpayer assistance, so help with bail is out of the question. Now IMHO, this is a fact and absolutely correct, but I am so sick of hearing about the "Poor Black crooks" behind bars. AND, White Crooks usually take the time to plan the caper, like bank robbery, while Blacks go after the local Cumberland Farms or 7/11's,spur of the moment stupid.I dislike all crooks white ,black, asian,purple,poka-dotted, they are all human beings that can not follow the rules and all whimper when they get caught..."I did not do nothin'".

Comment Re:Or the reverse (Score 1) 899

Well communicated, I guess all of us "gun nuts" will always be in the back ground, making sure that the anti-gun folks live and walk safely among us and only until "IT" happens to them ,will they really understand how the world works. If only criminals would obey the law...

Comment 6 ammo capicity.....duh? (Score 1) 1591

Well WTF are the anti-gunners thinking, banning clips for "assault" weapons over 6. My Tech firearm has a 13 in the clip and one chambered, so that said, guess the weapons of choice will be concealed from know on, by the POS's, but yet again since when do criminals obey the law? This freakin' country still is going down the toilet.........all due to the clueless........

Comment Re:The real issue (Score 1) 311

OH come on Bloomers, not a ban on my cell phone, too. No, firearms ,no big Slurpee, no cigs, no on this and no on that and now your blaming a dead dude for all of NY's crime, pretty soon you will be banning or putting a tariff on the air we breathe. The last time someone like this A-Hole Monarch was strutting his stuff, there was a British accent in the background and the citizens were shouting out very loudly "The British are coming, The British are coming" and the smell of tea scented the air.

Comment Re:It's still fraud (Score 1) 81

Law firms are not to steal money from clients either,but they do. That's why they created STRICT rules, because of them (Law Firms) that got away with or tried to get away with. Large amounts of money bring the greed and corruption out of people that you never would think of and therefore they try to do things ( blinded by the coinage) that they think has not yet been done before..Lawyers do not give a shit about clients they just want the largest amount they can get so their 35% cut won't fit in their pockets......once that is accomplished they will never stop on adding to it anyway they can, just because they are..........uhh.......lawyers.

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