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Comment Re:Buyer's remorse or Buyer's rejoice? (Score 1) 495

I'd be remorseful - that red and shiny plastic would bother me every day. I also think the bottom plastic provides for horrible ventilation of the components. Do a kernel compile with concurrency enabled and listen to that thing turn into a jet turbine! It just does not have the build quality I am looking for. Then again, "different strokes for different folks"!

Comment Yeah! (Score 1) 250

I have been using "sid" for forever and a day to make sure that I had all the new "features" in a timely fashion. With all that Squeeze ships with out of the box, I can now run stable and still be functional. Great job. Is this not one of the fastest Debian release cycles?

Comment This was bound to happen... (Score 1) 1634

Any device that has such a tremendous amount of hype surrounding it is bound to fail to meet EVERYONES expectations. The device has it's role in the Apple ecosystem - and I am sure it will perform that role well. Plus, everyone knows that 1st generation Apple products aren't for everyone. Just hold out and 2nd gen should ease some of the tension. Personally, I don't see the benefit of such a device - - i must not be the target demographic.

Comment Until 'they' motivate me to do so (Score 1) 408

I usually by mid-grade systems and over the avg. lifespan of 3 years, I max memory and upgrade video cards from time to time.

There was nothing wrong with those systems when we decided to upgrade.

This last upgrade we switched to top of the line/best in class hardware and hope to resist the urge a little longer prior to upgrading.

I really notice very little performance upgrade this past 3 year cycle. What's really new?

So, until I can buy a nCore processor supported by applications and operating systems that will utilize them - I don't see the need for mid-grade consumers to upgrade.

Comment Re:Good for apple (Score 2, Informative) 1078

It is a known fact that driving 1 mile in an automobile produces more toxins than a lifetime* worth of heavy smoking. Conclusion of the report is that; In order for cigarette smokes to match the same amount of air pollution in the stated cities, it will require; (from report) * 33 millions cigarettes per person each year * 91,300 cigarettes per person each day * 3,810 cigarettes per person each hour * 64 cigarettes per person each minute

Comment Re:Explosions! (Score 3, Funny) 157

Actually, we've found that "making an example" has been the most effective security measure. Call a meeting - "Tom here has decided to do $INSERT_ENDUSER_STUPIDITY, so we're going to take this time to show you what happens.." Then you just grab a hammer and smash fingers. Some people puke others just turn in disgust - regardless we haven't had a user click a fishing email in over 2 years.

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