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Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 2) 1560

USSR suffered pretty bad casualties, but in the end it gained land - Finland lost 11% of its territory. Interestingly, Finnish concessions and territorial losses exceeded those demanded by the Soviets pre-war
And there were a lot of consequences for the Soviet army - obviously, lot of problems were discovered and addressed in the following years just before the German invasion.

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1560

Giving him Crimea without any protest

Crimea is not for Trump to give. He may or may not agree to how it was *acquired* by Russia, but he can't *give* it.
As for Finland, how could Putin possibly benefit from taking over it? You may call him evil and aggressive, but he's not irrational and I just don't see any benefit for Russia/Putin in going after a country whose population clearly doesn't want to be part of Russia. The same applies to the Baltic states - there is nothing to gain. No economic benefits, no political benefits - only major PITA.
Crimea is totally different - most Crimeans are Russian and very patriotic about it, and it was always like that, even pre-2014.

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