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Comment Re:Liability (Score 1) 178

But you don't control what the AI does.

There is a perfect example of this in theaters right now. In the movie Logan, there's highways in Oklahoma that have essentially robot semi trailers operating on them all the time. Pretty cool actually. But there's a scene where some horses run loose, and the robot semis almost hit them.

Now, lets say the robots are programmed to avoid large animals in the road, but by doing so one swerves into traffic, or brakes suddenly, causing another accident in which someone is killed. Who is to blame? Who is liable?

Comment Re: AI is just software (Score 1) 178

Bullshit. Complete bullshit. If your son or daughter is run over by a robot semi on the highway, because that semi's AI told it to swerve to avoid the cow in it's path, into their lane, thus crushing them, you will have a completely different attitude. AI is software, but that software is going to be making decisions that normally would require human judgement. You can't sue the semi drive because there is no semi driver. So who do you sue?

No one, because in your world no one needs to be held liable.

So instead you will have to suck up your pain and go visit

Comment Re:Cost of not innovating? (Score 1) 31

Sure, but I don't think Intel know or foresaw 10 years ago that this sort of technology would show the promise it shows today. Also, they may have discovered this, say, 8 years ago, rather than 10, by which time other companies would have had, say, a 2-year head start.

Perhaps someone then made the business decision to "see how it pans out" and then decided to look into purchasing a company in the future.

Comment Re:Time To Invest In Infrastructure (Score 2) 469

Trains in Tokyo are light-years beyond "standing room only". Until we have public servants literally squishing people into trains to make sure the doors close, you can't really talk about Bart being crowded. At certain times of the day, trains are crowded, yes...but literally NOTHING like this:

or this

So if you haven't been to those places, you should get out more before you talk about how bad BART is. In addition, almost none of those other cities has the feature unique to the Bay Area, which is the bottleneck of the tube under the bay connecting SF to the East Bay.

Comment Re:Time To Invest In Infrastructure (Score 5, Insightful) 469

Or you can do what most major cities around the world do, which is fund mass transit at extremely high levels, to encourage people to not drive.

The Bay Area has some unique geographical features that make the sort of public transit that works extremely well in other places more difficult here; that said, it's still pretty good.

Comment Re:"It's a feature, not a bug" - seriously (Score 1) 469

I think that is what many of these cities are doing, but they probably aren't cooridinating as they should. Try driving through the residential neighborhoods in Berkeley, which figured this out long ago. No one gets off at University to drive through that city because certain parts are very difficult to drive through unless you live there.

Comment Re:Public roads? (Score 1) 469

Sure, and Fremont is well aware that these are public roads.

Likewise, they are well withing their rights to make it very difficult for you to drive there. They can't prohibit you from taking an offramp into Fremont off of the highway, but they can put a bunch of speedbumps, roundabouts, no-left-turn signals and so forth that you will have to obey or pay attention to, lest you damage your car (or injure others).

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