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Submission + - Teens with Vision

xerocint writes: I am looking for a group of like-minded individuals to recreate the famous creativity that happened at the Palo Alto Research Center, or PARC. For those who don't know, Xerox created this venture, but never executives terminated the idea and allowed Apple to take them. Whatever we create (I can't be too public with these ideas, I plan on at least making some profit), will be released in the coming decade, and the reason for being so is that we can all learn to develop and create together in a very collaborative way (the process of this will hopefully inspire for the coming generations as PARC has for our's). If you are between the ages of 14-21 please contact me, only if you are willing to learn methods of development, business, and a lifestyle that will reflect our generation's pride for the rest of your life.

Comment Very plausible, probably won't effect price at all (Score 1) 232

Very plausible, probably won't effect price at all. I hope to see this implemented into all devices. The iPhone has been following suit on a lot of DS(lite/i) trends, I suspect the next being a front facing camera and wouldn't be surprised if they pulled this trick out of their hat. It doesn't seem like a too complicated process, the camera and motion sensors are probably all it requires then a 100kb script of code. The price will most likely be 169.99 I'm guessing, maybe. 149.99 to try not to compete with the Wii, however.

Comment Re:"Unschooling" the hard way. (Score 1) 1345

I wish I had that, I tend to do that however little it happens. My younger brothers (who are still in school, while I'm not) get almost showered with money and EC (which cost money), and if I were given the sum of money they have had I could easily have profited so much by now. They see that I have a ton of stuff, but that is because I take the money I'm given and turn the money around into sometimes double what I started out with. Honestly, everything in my room I have purchased with my own profits.

Comment Re:Sounds like... (Score 1) 1345

I had this happen on the TAKS test (for those who haven't heard of it, it's what Texas schools base their entire curriculum around) and I flunked the Writing exam because I had twisted the topic to such a crazy degree they didn't think it counted. And by crazy degree I mean I wrote about something highly fictional that still was within the boundaries of "something that made you sad".

Comment xerocint (Score 1) 1345

As an unschooler I feel hundreds of times more motivated than before when I was in public education. I can honestly say I feel that I have learned tons of times more within the past year compared to the 10 years when I wasn't doing my own thing. Right now I'm "studying" Android and iPhone development as well as business tactics. It makes me laugh when kids are texting me during school saying how boring physics is for them. It was fun for me when I learned it via MIT's OpenCourse Ware 6 months ago.

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