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Comment Re:Trump has to be #1 (unless they hate him) (Score 2) 145

As much as the leftist media hates Trump, they were completely unable to shut up about him all year long. I was worried the word "TRUMP" would be burned into my TV screen from flipping to the CNN story title. Their incessant coverage probably put him over the finish line.

Comment Politicized Science (Score 0, Flamebait) 666

But the 12 NOAA climate-data "adjustments" in a row that have each cooled the past and warmed the present can't be considered "politicized science" since that could totally be legitimate compensations for random errors. You're totally likely to randomly select the same of six options 12 times in a row; this happens 100/6^12 = 0.000000046% if the time!

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 472

If the US corporate tax rate were competitive with the rest of the world, trillions of dollars that cannot responsibly be repatriated right now would come flooding back into the US practically overnight. If corporations tried to do that right now, they could be successfully sued by their shareholders for wasting their wealth. Those trillions of dollars would spur new investment and foreign companies would move their headquarters to the US like they do for any other tax haven.

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