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Comment Re:Having a do-over (Score 1) 634

You're assuming that the will to leave is a fixed function of birth year and not age. In five years, most people will be five years older. The deceased old people will be replaced by new old people whose former youthful naivety will be replaced by a more sober assessment of reality. Support for the EU has been steadily declining since 1975. Why would that suddenly stop? The EU has its chance to stop operating like smug dictators. And now the EU is mortally wounded in addition to being bankrupt.

Comment Re:That's even worse (Score 2) 106

The value that a USD will buy inside the US has moved less than 2% in the past year. One buys most of their stuff from within their own country. Suppose your mortgage fluctuated by 21% in four days. Would you be happy with that? What if it fluctuated the "wrong" way? Would you be donating your house to your bank?

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