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Comment Re:Why turn them off? (Score 1) 179

That was my first thought. Windmills need wind, storms have higher wind ratings then a normal day. Doesn't make sense to me but then again I dont live there so Im not too sure. I think in the long run it looks like they might need to get some new systems out there for detecting bad weather around these wind farms they are not going away so we will just have to deal with them.

Comment Re:How does it compare to XP? (Score 1) 792

With that thought then 98 is 95 R2, in which Win2k is NT R3, Right? Look if you have a machine that works fine with XP then stay with it. If your buying or building a new machine go for 7. Since it can take more advantage of the hardware. Windows might make SP4 for XP so that it can do more, just don't count on it they have tried a few times to but an end line to XP and build on different software just like every software company does.

Comment Re:wake up folks need more nuclear power! (Score 1) 164

No the one mistake was they didn't build the extra containment building around the reactor like they should have, giving them the buffer zone so when the one failed it would still be contained like all the other plants build around the world at that time had, guess that was an over site and now give you the right to just kick nuclear to the curb due to that little item they don't teach people in school when they talk about it.

Comment Re:Umm... (Score 2, Informative) 164

The other problem with nuke plants is the ageing work force and buildings. The nuke plant close to where i live is having a very hard time hiring workers. Due to the fact that people are so scared of them due to our ever great TV and education system the teach people that nuke plants are evil. As for the education to work there its not that hard the first step is to at least pass college chemistry. Then they train you for 16 months before you even walk into the site. (Buddy of mine just passed all his training). All in all Im with you, Wind, solar, nuke, coal we need them all at some still need a lot of time to develop and grow before we see them being used every day.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 414

LOL, I never thought of that one since these are out of the city killing robins and such, You just gave me a new idea of helping cities out with this problem install some of these around a city area and on top of buildings to kill the pigeons then hire a clean up crew. The money saved from wind energy for the city will help pay the workers. hhmm now where can I find people that will be willing to pick up dead birds...damn no American will take that job looks like Mexico has that one nope still cant help out with this hard economy..

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