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Comment Re:Because you say so? (Score 1) 272

I don't like having pornography shoved in my face.

Huh? - If someone sends you pornography against your will - report it. It is banned at most workplaces anyway.
Is this really a big problem? - Do women get sent pornography at work much?
I've heard about female celebrities getting sent dick pics but that's about it.

Comment Re:"Ride-sharing".... (Score 0) 69

"The only difference is that Uber drivers don't have 1/10 of the knowledge of the streets and traffic patterns as real taxi drivers."

Which is a feature, not a bug. Uber drivers follow the company GPS route rather than the 'creative' route dreamed up by the medallion cabbie.

Exactly. There's much less route inflation with Uber.

Comment Re:Great. (Score 1) 225

Smaller memory footprint?

Here at work I have a session with a gmail tab, a Google calendar tab, a Google docs tab, a zendesk tab and a dozen Atlassian Confluence tabs. It starts out with a usage of about 2.5GB and at the end of the day reaches 3.7GB... Opening the same tabs in Chrome takes about 800MB.

Comment Theory vs. Fact (Score 1) 680

First of all, The Guardian is hardly a neutral media source; it's rather radical left leaning with a clear agenda.

Now, let me remind everybody that global warming is a theory like everything else in science. Even the laws of nature we use every day are basically just theories, usually backed up by a lot of evidence sure, but still just theories. Plenty of laws have been struck down or modified as new evidence comes to light.

Same thing with global warming. Right now lots of evidence seems to confirm this theory so that's what we chose to believe in.

But lots of evidence also indicate that we are not seeing the whole picture. Geological data points to much more radical temperature changes in the distant past and while we have theories that can explain cooling (nuclear winter effects from volcanic eruptions or meteor impacts etc.) we still have no causes except "humans" for warming, and yet it is clear that we've had periods with a much higher average temperature than we do now, even with the global warming in effect, at times when mammals were barely invented yet, let alone anything remotely like humans.

So - I'm inclined to invoke Occam's Razor here. Given the still unknown factor at play in the distant past, I'd rather believe that the same factor is a play again than something new and complex is doing the same thing.

Note that I'm not saying that humans are not causing some warming. I'm just saying that it might not be the complete picture.

Comment I just switched to Chrome at work (Score 2, Interesting) 129

Running with the exact same number of tabs (pinned and regular) in two windows and similar extensions I get:

Startup and tab load:
Firefox: 72 seconds
Chrome: 15 seconds

Launch a new tab from a link in a mail (I do this a lot):
Firefox: 35 seconds
Chrome: 1 second

Memory use:
Firefox: 1750 MB
Chrome 114 MB

Firefox really needs to pick up its game!

Comment Wrong way (Score 1) 584

What we need is NOT more gender separation, this time under the pretense of 'safety', but an actual fix that will bring safety without separation.

In other words - we need to go for the cause of the safety concerns - bad male behavior. This is not an easy fix because some areas of society is saturated with misogynistic attitudes, culture and traditions. This is made worse by the lack of consequence for men behaving badly, which easily can escalate into more rude and abusive behavior.

I can't say what the solution here is. A swift kick in the groin and a whack over the head may feel nice but I doubt it will have any long term effect on the rude behavior. Maybe we really need to directly outlaw catcalling and similar 'soft' abusive behavior, along with actual groping and similar invasive behavior, and punish with stiff fines and a stint behind bars.

Comment Funny they chose an airport... (Score 1) 197

Some airports have the worst wifi ever! People who are just passing through won't connect to roaming data services which are beyond expensive but will look for a working wifi anywhere. Passed through Toronto Pearson Airport late January 2016: Possibly the worst wifi ever. Hard to connect, frequent drops, basically no actual network connection. I was basically looking for *anything* to get connected and would most likely have jumped on any open network...

Comment Obvious problem (Score 1) 210

I'm completely amazed that the Iranian government don't see the obvious problem with their society when they need a 'morality police' to make the population comply with some arbitrary standard that the population obviously don't agree with. Shouldn't the standard be defined by the people, not by some out-of-touch-with-reality council or similar?

Religion is once again beyond stupid.

Comment One time passwords (Score 1) 251

The solution is obviously to use a machine generated one time password, possibly with a limited lifetime, to protect some data - for instance a password. It can be used only one time and the protected data delivered using SSL and is securely deleted afterwards. The real password would be stored inside this data and will only be in cleartext for the lifetime of the data or until it is fetched.

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