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Comment Another reason to dislike Belkin (Score 1) 137

Belkin is already on my bad list. I bought a USB hub / iPod dock from them a while ago on Woot. When I opened it up, there were a bunch of inserts for compatibility with different versions of iPods and a notice that I could request new inserts in the future.

So, then I got an iPhone 3G. It fits on the dock and works, but there is no insert for stability, so I wrote to Belkin to request an insert... Their response is that this device does not work with the iPhone. I know for a fact that it does work, and given the (mostly) standardized iPod connector, there's no reason this shouldn't work.

I think that Belkin stopped making this model and no longer wants to support it, so instead of saying so, they simply lied and told me that it wouldn't work with my iPhone.

Comment me too. (Score 1) 398

A few of things that I wonder about.
1) Who cares how much you have to take? 1g of this stuff vs 3g of morphine? 500 mg of Tylenol vs 200mg of Ibuprofen. Really, we should care about the effects of the drug, not how much you have to take.
2) So, all this does is prevent the breakdown/re-uptake of our the chemicals that bind to the same receptors that morphine does. So, the effects should be pretty much identical to those of morphine. It's kind of neat, but not all that surprising.
3) What is all this talk about it being "natural" Who cares? They're going to synthesize it anyway. Morphine is "natural" in the same way. "Natural" is a buzzword that makes people feel good about themselves, but really means nearly nothing.
4) I like the band Morphine.

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